2014 vertical operation of the first session of the General Assembly held in Zibo


Shandong network reporter Yin Ruoling photography Wang Chaochen

2014 the first Zibo stationmaster conference June 28th was held at the The Crown Inn, the meeting chaired by the deputy general at A5 station network, the laggards A5 founder Dong Qinfeng, founder of stationmaster net graph king and deputy general Wang Kai, from legal founder highly strong stationmaster known as the big coffee gathered in the conference site, local site participants have in general manager Li Bo, lung Chung Petrochemical network director He Hengkai station investment network founder Shen Le, silver Peng Shi Liang director of cloud computing. Zibo and the surrounding areas more than 200 owners participated in the ceremony in which there is a webmaster, come here in Dezhou, Weifang and other places of stationmaster, enthusiastic, passionate atmosphere of the meeting, the organizers in the activity interspersed with songs, dance and acrobatics show lively atmosphere, make this event more fashionable, aspect.

this meeting focused on how to keep up with the pace of the pace of the vertical industry entrepreneurial projects, how to operate this theme, the new information, new ideas, new methods for the Zibo webmaster. The face of the rise of self media marketing, the new situation of the Internet giants, local invasion to subvert the traditional industries, suggest the webmaster to pragmatic, landing, choose good niche areas to focus on local, industry wide, line segmentation, micro innovation, do the next line contacts, do circle.

  founder of the laggards Dong Qinfeng (left) A5 webmaster network founder Wang (right)

founder Dong Qinfeng reminded Zibo laggards Webmaster: Internet development to this stage, the technology is not so important, to know how to interact with people, called for the owners of mining products from life, from social fun Internet operations.

A5 webmaster network founder Wang

A5 webmaster network founder Wang focus on how to share the map with the experience of the team, at present many stationmaster encounters with the team do not, the profits depleted team, graph king to the webmaster weapon, to do segmentation, focus, emphasis on executive power, not perfection, do good areas.

  considering the legal founder highly

specially from Beijing rushed over from legal founder highly from the part of legal network step by step how to become bigger and stronger, how to overcome a problem during the operation, summed up the legal profession for many years to share the Internet thinking.

  station network founder Shen Le

Zibo chief representative, station investment network founder Shen le will be successful in their years of experience in Internet business summary: segmentation, focus, simplification, love, innovation and subversion, reference in the Internet thinking pigs, inspired the webmaster to make their own profit model.

  silver Peng, director of cloud computing stone >

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