The profound effect of CPA system on lifelong Wangzhuan personnel

do not make money, is lack of power; do not make money blogging, was a waste of free flow; occupation does not make money, not to go to work


Wangzhuan really so difficult? Wangzhuan salary really so difficult?

the answer is yes, really difficult……

There are three reasons for


1, the wrong choice, efforts in vain.

I have a friend, the site is not bad. The advertising business is to undertake from advertising alliance, do is CPC (by clicking on the amount of money), deduction amount is very serious, this has almost become an unspoken rule, only to face this reality, does not deduct the amount of CPC is not exist! If not buckle, one thousand IP only 4 dollars, very poor. Later on as a CPA, an effective registration will earn 10 yuan! CPC looks safe, but basically will keep you safe to the poor; CPA looks adventurous, but it can take you to the rich. The achievements of friends a monthly salary of over a million is a new concept of CPA for life! For example, we all know that "Le Chi world" is a typical CPA real-time system, a clear, next time the members directly log Le Chi small world, no matter what the consumer told you never mind the typical! CPA system is the life of "Bai pruducts mall", the last registered members from your website, not only the consumer has a relationship with you, any future consumption has a relationship with you, "Bai pruducts mall" registered members of each transaction, regardless of the amount, are owners paid 12 yuan! Ten years as one day! So, you’re not blind breaking stick, but the accumulation, the accumulation, even if only one day a registered member, tell you, three months later, dead you! This is the "Bai pruducts mall" CPA For life and Le Chi and CPA real-time system has a world of difference. But the vast majority of the owners do not have the spirit of adventure, but also refused to calm down to understand, always want to let each of their own traffic into the site of the money, but missed the huge CPA life tenure king!

2, adhere to, there will be gold.

a lot of webmaster friends, what to do, CPC do, CPM do, CPL also do, CPA lifelong system to do more, CPS can not miss, the results of which one did not do well, it is not suitable to get on the first say. Results there is no result, discouraged not light, you

!Optimization of

a website should have a direction, if you want your website to optimize the results from all sides, is standing still. My friend CPA is the main direction for life, because he is ready to at least the website business for five years, this is a long-term plan, CPA tenure, particularly suitable for a long-term plan to the webmaster, because is bound into a. But my friends also hope to fast money, so did CPM, almost no optimization, can let each traffic into cash! Just a year’s time, the monthly income steadily over a million, I think as a personal website, he.

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