RT O2O cards open channel sink eat cake towns

[Reuters] the state power "game!" now you hear the next line stores do a comprehensive business platform, almost all the people in the heart is the two words. In front of Gome, Suning, Wanda and other traditional stores on trial and error, RT or bold call for their business goals: five years to do business integrated platform for the top three.

Tmall, Jingdong, vip.com and other large electricity supplier platform to complete the end of today, this slogan is like an air cannon. Why do Darunfa integrated business platform? What can make the top? Why don’t you enter from a new starting point? Billion state power network asked Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan, but he said not too light cards, or opponents see too clear.

until recently, 7 executives of Darunfa’s business platform flying cow network appeared together, and talk fine billion state power network and the latest progress of the flying cow network and future planning, from has done and will do things in nature, pry the Darunfa electricity supplier: channel sink, in O2O a new round of the race for the cake.

big cities: community stores + flying cow network

due to a second tier cities users have been integrated electricity supplier platform has been carved up, want to be among the top three, must have fatal attraction.

now on the business environment, only than the price, Darunfa do not know how much money can be hit out of a pit. So, Darunfa did not choose a green hand suning.com price war, but the first from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui as a pilot, to infiltrate the living quarters of consumers.

in June this year, the flying cow network officially announced in Shanghai to force O2O, xishiduo convenience stores as a pilot, the equivalent of the shop opened the door of the consumer. In order to complete the groceries stores available computer, also can let hi the parcel, and can choose cash on delivery. In addition to provide 24 hours, no time limit for 365 days of a single order, shopping advice and other services. So, some not the Internet, no network device, there is some inconvenience of receiving home or company, in the online shopping experience museum can solve all the problems hi.


: Darunfa online shopping experience Museum

flying cow network business development manager, department and Logistics Department Darunfa O2O project leader Yuan Bin told billion state power network, compared with other emerging SF hey shop business community shop, Darunfa O2O strongest advantage lies in its strong supply chain, the turnover rate of the goods, and the price is cheaper. It is said that Shanghai is a large integrated electricity supplier in the first two years, half the purchase from a store darunfa. At present, the flying cow network covering the RT 120 thousand SKU (fresh, excepted) and are doing product differentiation, such as adding Taiwan delicacy, fresh category is also exploring.

RT O2O another advantage is that Darunfa and xishiduo belong to the same parent company, the two in the way of cooperation can be infinitely deep. The flying cow network and xishiduo cooperation is a pilot, the future in the suburb of big city, for example.

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