Admin5 nner Mongolia Station nner Mongolia station network opened

    Admin5 Inner Mongolia Station – Inner Mongolia station network station network ( officially opened in October 1st.

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  Inner Mongolia, a full of enthusiasm and longing for the land here, gave birth to countless young people to the network crazy, they are for their own ideals, for the common purpose, dedication to the struggle and hard work. Inner Mongolia station network is for these people as.

  development direction of initial course to industry news, practical information, mainly in the form of abstract. At the same time, the Inner Mongolia local station is also encouraged to express their ideas and experiences, outstanding works will be ranging from 10~50 yuan reward remuneration. Our goal is the same, in order to more people understand Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia station to order more the country, thank you for your support.

  Inner Mongolia webmaster network 2007-10-02

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