Superstar Jersey landing Tmall international Messi signed jerseys sold out

superstar Jersey landing Tmall international Messi signed jerseys sold

sina science and technology news July 16th afternoon news, after the world cup smoke dispersed, Messi had a strong popularity continued to heat up. In the Tmall international platform, were sold out within the price up to 4000 yuan Messi signed the Argentina shirt and a half, many fans did not buy around Tmall expected the blue and white, representing the legendary "Messi" signature Jersey No. 10, the popularity of a trend which cannot be halted.

The Tmall

international joint North American tide brand Sneakerhead, the online retailer Kitbag, after the world cup with the fastest speed for the first time, Messi, C Ronaldo, Suarez, Rooney, Iniesta and other stars of the national team, the club signed shirt to Chinese channels.

Limited sales include Messi signed Argentina Jersey, Barcelona Club Jersey, signature of Barcelona shoes. C Ronaldo signed Real Madrid home and away jerseys, shoes, Rooney signed shirt Gerrard signature shoes, Liverpool shoes jerseys, other star signature products include Suarez, Bergkamp, Iniesta, Ma tower.

each signature products have independent quality assurance and the only laser security code. If you think the signed shirt is too expensive, the cat international offers a variety of World Cup authentic Jersey, including Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, are just settled in the platform of Tmall Europe’s top online sports retailer Kitbag.

and the signature Jersey shoes supplier, is the famous North America’s top tide retailer Sneakerhead. Its overseas stores for the first time stationed in Tmall international, with the world’s leading brands of the top agent qualification. Europe’s top two retailers in the Tmall international open overseas flagship store, from Europe and the United States through the streets of Losangeles on the sidelines of the shade of the original single goods, save consumers purchasing, transport. (munan)

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