2012 nternet products and nnovation Forum successfully concluded

2012 Internet products and innovation forum was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Convention Center on the afternoon of April 7th. As the 2012 session of the seventh annual meeting of China Internet webmaster (referred to as: 2012 station annual meeting) is an important part of Internet products and Innovation Summit attracted nearly 300 industry elite, APP developers and product development team, and the owners are most concerned about the mobile Internet products, building products and how to enhance the site operation product value other topics in depth.

It is reported that

, Discuz in the product and innovation forum, technical director Li Guode! First published a "rapid response to user demand Discuz! X research progress and direction" keynote speech, called Discuz! X2.5 first introduced the application center development model, has been hailed as the third open Discuz. He said in a speech: the latest release of Discuz! X2.5 significantly optimize the overall structure and performance, website security patches and products have automatic updates and upgrades, and add new features such as micro-blog, Amoy post core elements and expand the function of Discuz application center.


figure: Discuz, technical director Li Guode

, Discuz! Cloud platform product manager Wu Yang, Lu lamp product director Du Chengjun, QQ space platform product director Huang Xiao Jun, community search Department Deputy General Manager Li Shengtao, Tencent, Tencent Security Center Product Manager Liu Jinxing analysis product manager Zhao Rui and other guests were invited to attend, and were on the cloud Era, QQ, and Internet community products search and analysis of Tencent "and other topics made a wonderful speech.

in addition, the meeting also set up a wonderful round table links. Roundtable discussion of Web site operators and the value in the mobile and social background of the ascension ", guest views can be described as tit for tat, bShareCOO Wang Haowei believes that the mobile Internet is the future market is large, represent the general trend, the webmaster should pay close attention to; and the light Heron product director Du Cheng Jun said that the mobile Internet eco industrial chain is not too perfect see the situation to suggest stationmaster, action. Guests also participate in this part of the founder of Chongqing slipped Guo Jijun, Discuz product director Li Guode, founder of JiaThis, Tencent, micro-blog product director, QQ, director of the space platform product.


figure: in the context of mobile and social networking site operations and enhance the value of the round table guests

With the application of

in the Internet industry and the popularity of the Internet, the Internet site is also constantly introduce new products, due to the close relationship with the owners, the relevant topics discussed at the meeting was also reflected. In the second round table discussion, Qiu Song, general manager of Chinaz Beijing branch, Di>

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