Post in pharmaceutical logistics or wedding dress for others

recently on the Chinese post news is around two major themes, one is the post express is expected to become the first listed A shares of the express company; second is to Chinese postal involved in pharmaceutical distribution field. For the former, the "first" nature is not enough suspense, as a "national character" of the courier company, when have such confidence. But for the latter, in the face of bustle long drug business, this is the Chinese post The early bird catches taste crab, or lost in the grass, a lot of variables.

as the domestic express industry have big boss, as of the end of 2010, the postal Chinese has nearly 100 thousand employees, more than 45 thousand outlets, all towns and counties involved in all 31 provinces. Dense layout of network, network extension of the broad, covering the depth only match, dubbed the "Big Mac" title is not too. Although the battle is large in scale, but for the domestic retail sector online drug China post is not the first pioneer in the market potential of online retail area of medicine, had inserted the flag.

market prospect analysis

expert Chinese Nobel net domestic electricity supplier analysis said, after the Chinese pharmaceutical business association and chain pharmacies branch on the market had statistical data show that in 2009 the scale of Chinese drug retail market is about 150 billion yuan, of which net sales of only 70 million yuan, only the retail market sales share of 0.046% to 2010 is only for the scale of 200 million yuan, while in the United States, the proportion is as high as 20%, showing its potential of development.

‘s main competitor

in the United States, in the online operation of pharmaceutical products electricity supplier over a thousand, while in the country, as of now, the total number of only 57. It is conceivable that in the near future, there will be more capital in this direction. In addition to some of the old pharmaceutical retail entities from the line to expand the line, the current domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier market, the presence of two shares have the potential to become bigger and stronger rookie. One is to Taobao as the platform of the Medical Museum, the continuation of the Alibaba group’s business expertise, to provide business platform to attract outstanding businesses stationed in order to form a brand advantage;

is a traditional electricity supplier, Jingdong mall. The development mode of Jingdong is different from Taobao, is coming from their own business old, after the 3C market is done fast, then involved in books, clothing and other network selling products. At present, the development of Jingdong has two obvious trends: covering the high low-end, expanding product coverage. The operation of pharmaceutical products, is a concrete manifestation of the latter. In order to accelerate the development of the business, Jingdong through the share of Kyushu Kyushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing, Beijing good medicine pharmacy chain Co., ltd..

at the same time, as a self owned logistics team electricity supplier giant, Jingdong will also carry out a positive contest with China Post logistics courier field. At the end of last year,

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