Beauty beautiful makeup and fund raising 300 million yuan for the second largest shareholder of list

August 29th news, recently, Shanghai beauty beautiful makeup cosmetics Limited by Share Ltd released the first listing prospectus, to be listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. It is understood that the raised funds of 300 million yuan, will be mainly used for the acquisition of Shanghai en en equity project, the agency brand marketing and operating system construction projects, information systems upgrade project.

billion state power network to understand, beauty beautiful makeup was founded in 2007, is a domestic cosmetics brand genuine authorized retail service provider network. The main business includes beauty beautiful makeup cosmetics retail, brand marketing and cosmetics distribution service. Among them, the cosmetics retail business electricity supplier is its core business, brand marketing services and cosmetics distribution business accounted for relatively low.

It is reported that

, the retail business cosmetics business refers to the company authorized access to the brand, set up brand official flagship store in the Tmall platform, the retail network in the form of cosmetics sales to end consumers, the business model includes the distribution mode and operation mode of generation buyout. Beauty beautiful makeup mainly to buy out the distribution model, the model is to buy cosmetics brands, and proprietary sales in Tmall’s flagship store, a series of service costs and costs of procurement, warehousing, logistics, customer service, the main source of profits is the difference between the sale price and the purchase cost and period cost.


figure is: during the reporting period, the company’s sales revenue and the proportion of

in addition, during the reporting period, the company has a substantial increase in the number of retail electricity supplier cosmetics and orders. Due to the increase in the number of authorized high-end brands, the average sales price of products to improve, the average price of orders also steadily. Company’s cosmetics retail business electricity supplier price gradually increased from 2013 yuan in 2016 to raise the single to the first quarter of 130.43 yuan / single.


figure: during the reporting period, the company’s retail sales of cosmetics electricity supplier, sales orders and customer price

it is reported that as of March 31, 2016, the company has a partnership with Lancome, Avene, Biotherm, Laneige, Maybelline, Sulwhasoo, NIVEA and other 51 brands of cosmetics, is one of the number of network retail brand licensing services to the most Tmall beauty platform.

prospectus, in the year 2013, year 2014, year 2015 and 2016 1-3 months, beauty beautiful makeup of total assets were 107 million yuan, 257 million yuan, 951 million yuan and 860 million yuan respectively; the company realized main business income of 382 million yuan, 716 million yuan, 1 billion 217 million yuan and 273 million yuan net profit was 5 million 100 thousand yuan;, 5 million 680 thousand yuan, 32 million 710 thousand yuan and 10 million 900 thousand yuan. Meanwhile, from 2013 to 2015, the company’s main business revenue CAGR of up to 78.54%.

during the reporting period, the

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