The domain name cybersquatting Olympic torch song Beijing welcomes you

a year ago a Dalian station registered (torch) is the national domain name back unconditionally, a year later he created the film with the song "Daisy" synonyms "Beijing welcomes you" cover songs again expressed a grassroots non famous Olympic volunteers’ enthusiasm.

who is the webmaster? The first Baidu or Google "Cheng Xianfeng" well, he was last year was the creation of webmaster edition "sad the Pacific Ocean" – author of "Kung Fu just sad the stationmaster".

2006 in April 30th, by the Korean actress Gianna Jun starred in the movie "Daisy" in the line "for the courtyard". As the title of the film, Gianna Jun plays as a daisy Ying Hui pure, quietly forbear, blooming quietly, to their loved ones in the mouth under two fell to grab…… But the plot is covertly an old saying: "too pure things and not live in the world, perhaps this is good at using allusions director Andrew Lau through the film to express the meaning of. The tragic story of "Daisy" is clearly very successful, most female audience tears several times, and at the end of the climax theme music sounded, the entire theater is can hear some low sobs clearly, many male audience also left a long bear the tears.

after a lapse of 2 years, the same day, 2008, in Beijing, the Olympic Games in 2008 will be the countdown to the twenty-ninth Olympic Games on the 100 day. Dalian area network (QQ:635286083) is the webmaster Kung Fu in April 28th on the same day, according to the movie "Daisy" movie theme song "Daisy" with the song lyrics re adaptation of the Olympic Edition, the cover song "Beijing welcomes you" also released the song Kung Fu just words, cover and fill completed under the supervision of, to the April 30th Beijing Olympic Games the 100 day countdown to the dawn of all peace lovers, looking forward to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 as the year of the movie "Daisy" like "a" success, hope that the twenty-ninth Olympic Games held in Beijing this Chinese will bring the joy of harvest and growth of the power to the people. Dalian district network also wish each netizen happy may day!


this song sings the song "Daisy" version of "Beijing welcomes you" to all peace lovers, Zhu Weida rich, strong and prosperous motherland, the success of Beijing Olympic Games, let Chinese people happy and healthy, Chinese athletes glory! At the same time, I sincerely congratulate the success of the Admin5 revision!

author’s original address: Src_ID=149, welcome to this song video comments and suggestions. I wish you webmaster friends may day happy!

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