Did you notice the changes in the A5 forum

recently a month or so, we are familiar with the A5 forum quietly changed, I do not know whether you care to notice, please follow me from top to bottom, from left to right, look at what happened Forum:

1, LOGO. By the webmaster network into a A5 forum, highlighting the strategic partner of fiscal payment. The change of LOGO reflects the improvement of the brand strategy of the forum.

2, user area. "My son" by the ordinary black into beautiful sky blue, looks very eye-catching, show that the A5 forum pays more attention to the "ego".

3, click on my post to enter, adding new features: you can choose to press the last published sort and sort by the last reply to facilitate further management of the post, see the nuances of service.

4, good water interview column was adjusted. I do not know why, I prefer to see good water interviews, from other successful experience of failure to learn a lot of knowledge, perhaps A5 brewing in the launch of a more attractive column. There are some other columns withdraw and transfer, do not dwell on one by one.

5, a plurality of area adjustment rules. It is mainly targeted at some bad posts to combat, in order to strengthen the management of the forum, maintain normal order.

6, each post from the 30 floor to a page of the first floor of a floor of 40.

7, less than 10 words of the signature replies do not show. This can be seen as a combination of the above with A5 to improve the quality of post replies, reduce the significance of irrigation, while reducing the page of similar procedures, increase search engine friendliness.

8, a daily best comment from 100 points down to 50 points, after asking the moderator Meng Jiang plus permission to reduce that background, I estimate the A5 inflation, ha ha, to limit the currency.

9, strengthen cooperation with foreign countries. The introduction of a number of projects to promote cooperation in recent months, excellent project, for partners to provide good promotion, A5 won a better brand image for the owners, to create a good win-win situation.

10, to strengthen the service of the webmaster. Launched a number of free training programs to improve revenue generating capacity, promotion ability.

concluded, in a period of time, to enhance the strategic position of stationmaster net stationmaster net forum, and strive to create "A5" brand, more intimate service for the owners, believe the A5 forum gets better


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