Online video industry intends to purchase the highest price TV drama

daily news (reporter Jiang Mengwei) although the video website to purchase television prices this year again and again "diving", but last year 2 million yuan / sets to a serious bubble still haunt the video industry. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Internet industry will be the highest price of the purchase of the video site restrictions". However, the move triggered a film and television drama production industry unanimously dissatisfied, they have questioned the reasonableness of the price formulation.

yesterday in the autumn of 2012 eleventh capital TV promotion and film industry development forum, Chinese network copyright alliance of the Internet Society Mediation Center issued the "Internet copyright trading statement", the statement pointed out, after Youku and other 6 major domestic video website statistics, at present, the domestic video site acquisition of film and television dramas such as more than 350 thousand yuan / sets, is bound to a loss. "In order to promote the healthy development of Internet copyright trading market, Internet companies promise not malicious bidding, the future of the year hit TV drama will be a joint procurement, procurement and the establishment of video guidance joint team," the center of the Secretary General Wang Bing stressed that the team will eventually form the video website to purchase the highest price mechanism, a communication and notification for purchasing guide price per quarter.

2011, the domestic video sites to buy drama prices reached the peak in recent years, 1 million -200 yuan / set, a record price of 50 million -7000 yuan / drama so that the entire film and television industry as a shock. Director Zhao Baogang told reporters that the phenomenon is caused by intensified competition in the video industry share, each video site wants to use a single broadcast drama resources monopoly market, but ultimately ended in a loss.

this year, the video site is difficult to withstand the pressure of high cost of acquisitions, almost all of the film and television drama to stop the acquisition, the market price to dozens of times or even a hundred times the rate of decline. "The film and television drama production cost last year with the network purchase price rises, actors fee cost exponentially soared, but this year the collective price of video website did not stop production costs increase, the site cost pressure transferred to the production company." Wang Peng, Secretary General of the association of capital TV production.

for the Internet industry purchase price action drama, capital of television production industry association chairman, director You Xiaogang expressed dissatisfaction, he said, the highest price of the acquisition of film and television drama video site simply not restricted, some companies combined to set the price at 350 thousand yuan / sets is not rational, contrary to the property market, "the price is the domestic second tier local TV channel second broadcast television drama premiered in the market purchase price, prices did not decline to play if this level, then dropped to 100 thousand yuan / sets, we do not want to sell drama". Xiaogang said tough. His view is that the price is limited, it is difficult to appear in the industry excellent works. Therefore, he suggested that the video site to pay to watch as well as with the production side of the advertising division mode of cooperation.

for the production of business proposals, video website also frequently "wronged", vice president of Iqiyi network operator Geng Xiaohua >

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