VC what do they like to invest now

      visiting Chinese manage capital Qian Xuefeng yesterday, money is always the business of Investment Bank senior, 03 years after returning to the founder of the Han Li, has been in the industry to adhere to, of course also brought a lot of benefits China private equity market is still at a very early stage, intermediate business investment will this period will be rewarded.

      when we talk about VC, there is a same point of view, that is, the direction of investment in VC is a weathervane. Recall it is not difficult to know, 05 years to 06 years of investment in Web2.0 is very hot, at that time, as long as there is a flow of Web2.0 site can get the favor of VC. By the end of 06, Internet video and new media fire, because the future of the concept of good television network, the more cattle, so get the investment of many people, but yesterday I saw the news that the video site VC have been evacuated from the fire, the cooler now seems half the time.

      now normalizing what? Consumer goods, energy (especially solar, because of a large number of listed) and environmental protection, education, these traditional industries, probably because on the one hand, VC think they really, a clear business model, there is a ready market to cultivate, on the other hand, indeed, although the TMT field of fire wave, but the return on investment indeed, as before, this wave of investment boom Web2.0 brought no decent listed successful exit case, it shows a lot of problems, VC want to invest to make money, not the money thing, VC will not do, this is the business rules, can’t blame VC. The last time I recommend a project to Saif fund three, found that three of their funds to do investment in the late period, although also meet later, but the words can feel very clearly, they are not interested in early, but we recommend later to be listed in the project to Yan Yan. From the return time, also know that they are more interested in, after all, the late project risk is smaller.

      I have seen strange VC on the high-tech industry is not high in the eyes of some industry heavyweights blog, I think this is the laws of the market, the profit driven capital decision, not what is very strange, if the fundamentals of business is really good, but also very profitable, how there will be no concern or investment? In fact, many good projects, with an annual profit of more than 5 million of all VC lose face to their. So sometimes in enterprises will do a good job, good wine is also afraid of deep alley, because now more transparent information.

      in many ways, VC vane is the recognition of the value of the enterprise or industry and the transfer of investment returns, the wind direction, it is worth thinking about the industry entrepreneurs. Recently I saw a few waves of a few shots of the entrepreneur’s financing story, their industry, is to get the first round of money, and so he did

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