Can only be born in China’s payment model has let investors do not understand

if it is not because of the listing, China will not be paid to pay their business model.


| Zhai Wenting

a month ago, China paid in Hongkong gem listing, the first day rose 50%, once occupied Hong Kong stocks rose top. Such a rapidly popular new shares, but the outside world is very little known about it. After the listing information disclosure, the media on China to pay the description of similar, "a digital product distribution platforms and new Internet gaming media". In addition, there is no in-depth interpretation and more information.

since its founding in 2004, the company deliberately avoided the spotlight, only to know the sound of money. China pay business lines involving hundreds of game companies across the country, tens of thousands of lines of agents, early also with the major operators have close business dealings. Because the product name is Shenzhou pay, was suspected of their background is China Mobile. In 2012, they traded $about 2000000000.

in the interview with the "state of the arts", they only spoke to two people about their business model. The wave is shenzhoufu early during the VC, another fund manager is listed roadshow. Founder, CEO Sun Jiangtao said: if not because of the listing, I will not go so far as to tell the story, because we also want to protect this business model. In China, few people respect the business model innovation, there is no good way to protect business model innovation, unless you do the first industry."

real China Internet Corporation

talk about Shenzhou pay before the first account of Sun Jiangtao’s SP background. This is to pay for the initial construction of China’s business model and then take IDG investment, close relationship.

2001, Sun Jiangtao and partnership to set up a SP company called "era Jie cheng". Two years later, another partner Tang Bin joined, who is the creator of the Shenzhou payment model. 2004 at the same time, the rapid growth of SP business, they also try online education, video sites and other services, but are not very successful, Shenzhou pay is from the direction of the transformation of education.

later with the SP industry’s first tier companies have listed, they also seek to promote the capital of the era of Jie, Sun Jiangtao met the former partner of IDG capital Chang Chen. IDG investment in a company SP magic dragon want to buy the era of Jie Cheng, the two profits add up to $10 million, the impact may be listed, but the two sides did not reach a consensus because of the equity ratio.

in 2006, they will be sold at a price of 200 million yuan timeheart, Sun Jiangtao and more than and 100 employees were sold into During this period, Tang Bin, who continue to do the Shenzhou pay, the annual profit of several million dollars.

a year later, Sun Jiangtao completed the era of Jie Cheng in the transition of China, and was keen to find the eyes of the. Sun Jiangtao talked about the model of China pay: through the game company to provide virtual products with a payment tool, from which the profit, and this payment >

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