Mi Xiaobin young Baidu’s troubles

        wanted to write a "young Baidu worry", feel the topic a bit familiar, online search, the original people have written the IT Time. Baidu has been listed for two years, according to the Internet a year for seven years the algorithm, Baidu is already a teenager, children are now mature quickly, Baidu mature faster, simply write a "youth Baidu worry".

        we first recall, young Baidu what have trouble: slobber war PPC protests, events, and lightning layoffs Yesky and Sohu, and finally even the murder of female employees are out of the 06 years of hype, Baidu really frustrating.

        this year, Baidu grew up, young Baidu and what trouble?

        the first one when push report gate

        in June this year, Beijing is looking consulting released "search quality assessment report" said Google blind estimation (Google) quality Chinese Webpage search ahead of Baidu, hoping to seek advice from President and chief analyst Lv Bowang, said Google Chinese stronger than Baidu search technology. Lv Bowang and his search report became a hot topic. Baidu chose to refuse to comment on the report.

        so what is the quality of Baidu search? A key figure in "Xu Lixin" in the recent acquisition of Acer and Lenovo, Acer and Gateway recently completed mergers and acquisitions, not only to replace the third largest personal computer maker Lenovo in the global status, but also can completely block the Lenovo acquisition of Packard Bell, and the Chinese American "Xu Lixin" is the owner of Packard Bell the.

        Xu Lixin due to do things low-key, so the photos on the Internet is very few, which can test some level of search engine. The author in the Baidu image search Xu Xu, the result is a toy picture. Find two Zhang Xu Lixin photos in Sogou search of a picture. In the Google to find two heads, and a number of related pictures, the results of many, really related to the first two.

        the other search engines such as Tencent and NetEase have soso, were not to search a Lixin photos (until late August 30th). From these few search engines on hot characters of the image can be seen search results, Baidu image search results despite, but the correlation is poor; the result of Google a lot, highly relevant and more complete results; although Sogou is less, but.

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