Micro blog clean up garbage powder fans usher in new economic opportunities


opinion leaders gathered, the fission of information push, micro-blog has been the focus of public opinion hot events. However, zombie powder has always been an important issue has been criticized micro-blog. Earlier there was a developer designed zombie powder statistics, used to count micro-blog’s Zombie fans. Although not accurate, this unofficial statistics has aroused public concern about the issue of zombie powder.

In order to solve the problem of

, January 21st, micro-blog officially launched the "clean up garbage fans plan", all users of micro-blog (orange V, blue V and ordinary users) to identify new fans in the trash account after being frozen, will remove all of its attention to relationship. According to micro-blog’s argument, garbage fans cleanup program aims to further regulate the ecological environment on micro-blog. Encourage better operations, better content to develop their own fans, to enhance the value of each of the fans to enhance the interaction of fans, the establishment of social account brand, bigger fans economy.

zombie powder harm obviously

on the social platform, the fans are the basis of interaction, everyone subconsciously have the desire to be concerned about their desire for ordinary micro-blog users, in the face of massive information will be overwhelmed helpless feeling. This also allows some ordinary users to buy fans, but the purchase of zombie powder is only to a certain extent, to meet the vanity of ordinary users, and can not bring real interaction.

for individual celebrity accounts, behind the number of fans may be more economic value. Assume that a female star micro-blog fans reached qianwanji, she can help increase the weights in the price negotiation endorsement, but it is also because of the powerful micro-blog in the dissemination of the influence, now many brands in signing endorsement, will be required to star on micro-blog products have been exposed. Micro-blog and some advertising to undertake a variety of grassroots large, in order to higher advertising prices, brush powder is homely food, in order to make the effect looks more "real", even with the brush and brush forwarding comments.

to the enterprise, some enterprises in order to make themselves in micro-blog more attention, or is micro-blog’s operating personnel in order to complete the KPI, depending on the zombie fans build up the so-called influence and big data, in fact, just a false illusion of prosperity. In the past, micro-blog marketing process, some micro-blog operators responsible person "qishangmanxia" through the purchase of fans, and often is to bring a huge amount of fans should be relatively few interactive, under the enterprise to reduce the sense of resort to deceit for micro-blog marketing trust.

in order to cater to the needs of the business behind the powder, a number of marketing companies came into being. A variety of powder "package" endless, the production of zombie powder is evolving. "Zombie fans" one foot in mind, from the beginning, no micro-blog, no head no update now evolved into a head, micro-blog, and micro-blog have fans updated every day, it also gives micro-blog anti spam difficult.


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