P2P and Luoyang Hao capital chain is broken the police have filed involving capital 330 million

14 hours by train, thousands of kilometers away from Luoyang, just arrived in Shanghai, Ms. Zhang let her worry is terribly fatigued, investment in net loan (P2P), Hao ADAR 260 thousand capital security, including her mother’s pension money.

said a number of Luoyang investors, Hao Adar Luoyang company capital chain rupture, the incident involving 1400 investors, 330 million yuan of funds. In addition, online investors have to understand the situation and Shanghai Hao company.

Securities Times reporter from the Luoyang Municipal Finance Office was informed, Hao ADAR event has been formally opened in Xigong District of Luoyang City, Shanghai Hao ADAR project at the company’s new line has been part of the repayment.


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Shanghai Hongkou Cade long dream office building 23 layer and 29 layer, is Hao ADAR company is located in Shanghai. Last week, that Luoyang affiliate payment problems, all investors have come to understand the situation.

is understood by Ding Chunqiao, Ding Chungang and Zhang Fenglan three shareholders as the core, set up including Henan Hao ADAR investment Company limited by guarantee in Henan and Shanghai (i.e. Luoyang, Shanghai, and Hao Hao ADAR) Financial Information Services Limited (i.e. Shanghai Hao ADAR company affiliates, 9).

investor Mr. Yang from Hefei, is a college student who just graduated from school, he invested 526 thousand yuan from the parents hard-earned money, the investment subject of three — including the May 8th overdue mortgage treasure 149, the total amount of the product was 3 million.

also from Hefei, Mr. Sun invested 8000 yuan in the mortgage treasure on the 149 phase. For him, this is the second time to step on mine". This year, the Shanghai local net loan platform has hundreds of silver wealth, love to appear treasure chain fracture and even run on foot, Mr. Sun is also love to increase treasure investors, the investment amount of 2000 yuan.

is a major problem for the company in Luoyang, thus affecting the Shanghai related companies." An employee of Shanghai Hoada company, the Shanghai project is basically normal, overdue projects are also active in dealing with it, before the Shanghai company has 2 line project contract, with the company’s own capital in advance.

it is understood that the total amount of Shanghai Hao ADAR company project a total of about 49 million yuan, of which 27 million yuan line, line line 21 million yuan, investors from all over the country, the line is Shanghai local investors. "Shanghai side projects are real, after 80% of the amount of audit accounts can be honored." Hoada Shanghai company, a staff member told reporters.

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and Hao Shanghai company investors in Luoyang line investors are not so lucky. Many investors told reporters, Luoyang Hao ADAR capital chain company fracture involving 1400 investors in Luoyang and Jiaozuo, the total amount of 300 million yuan. But the reporter has been unable to contact the Luoyang Hao ADAR company executives, the number can not be verified.