New one do what to do to answer the site to make money

      on site is half a month, now is my research report for the new reference, Master.    

      about what to do to make money site    

      would like to say how to make money, you have to say first of all, to make money, the use of professional vocabulary is called profit model or narrow business model:

      (1) advertising revenue

      three points, one is the flow, this is nonsense, except for some type of website, basically the website needs to flow to profit; two is the audience’s consumption ability; three is the relevance of the product.    

      many people seem to think that the entertainment website far less than the so-called commercial station for advertising, actually not, depends largely on the audience’s consumption ability, such as mop, as a typical entertainment website, his browsing is mainly fashionable young have certain consumption characteristics and impulse fashion consumption ability is weak one such website to do all kinds of fashion items, advertising, the effect is not bad. If you do not do detailed investigation, such as the MP3 player advertising, it is difficult to judge just beat him in the IT168 effect, or play in the mop effect is good, because playing in the mop in addition to bring direct consumption, but also greatly enhance the brand.
      you do a real estate website, is suitable for the real estate advertising, but if you hold the high-end crowd with other topics, such as travel abroad, the same for real estate advertising to a great extent, though, less professional real estate advertising, but you are the advantages of advertising objects is relatively extensive, can also be hit the car, cosmetic advertisements.    

      ten of these sites have six, not an example.

      (2) telecom value-added services and related download service charges    

      the 3G era is coming, and everyone says, when exactly, no one knows. But one thing is for sure – it must come back. This is a very high profit efficiency website, first it was very easy to gather a large number of visits, the accumulation of a period of time fixed visitors, if you provide enough resources exclusive, good enough, then you can try the charges.

      such as 3g365, frog >