Collect 168 network integrity 168 dragon baby series spokesperson hairpin cartoon image design

activity description:

              electronic magazine, the first cover of the character of the integrity of the endorsement of the character collection: 25 years of age or older, integrity.

selection method: the way of online voting.

activity time: November 10, 2008 – days for a period of 40 days.

unveiled in 2009 168 Anniversary Celebration Gala on New Year’s Day Network users.

integrity spokesperson activities public solicitation by the Fuyang 168 network, selected spokesperson will regularly free to participate in some large-scale activities held in Fuyang 168 and Fuyang 168 net, net free for the production of official website, all the costs borne by the Fuyang 168 network, at the same time to the global promotion of the "personal brand integrity, the first phase of Fuyang" January 1 officially launched on 2009.

168 dragon baby series cartoon image collection:

activity time: November 10, 2008 – months for a period of 6 months.

gold medalist: 2000 yuan

event will be announced in Fuyang on May 18, 2009 announced the official website of the 168 network.

"Fuyang integrity win-win world" for Fuyang, the 168 anniversary of the founding of Daqing network, at the same time, thanks to the love and support of the Fuyang 168 net friends for a long time, from November 10, 2008 to May 10, 2009, Fuyang 168 network hereby hold "168 dragon baby series card image contest".

contest without any technical threshold, as long as the users of the Fuyang 168 network has considerable knowledge, at the same time with the creation of a dream, will be able to participate in this contest, contributions will have the opportunity to get 2000 yuan bonus awards, in the popular vote that would like to get a surprise gift Fuyang 168 nets carefully prepared! What are you waiting for, and show your creativity, your expression of Fuyang 168 net "image ambassador" interpretation.

168 Fuyang

network want to find the most consistent with the image of the site by mascot solicitation, the mascot requires a 168 site of LOGO and 168LOGO for deformation, deformation is dragon logo, 168 digital, 6 of which is an upward flying dragon, 8 is only in the foot of the Phoenix auspicious clouds, the event not only for the website "collection" (Dragon) two ambassador, also hope that the new mascot represents the site, send the best wishes for all the friends who support website.

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