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1 technology celebrities actively participate in ice bucket challenge, to raise money for

ALS disease

news August 18th, the recent network popular ice bucket Challenge campaign, initially by the participants through his head to the "ice cream", show care and support for patients and their families suffering from cancer, science and technology circle chiefs are clearly not satisfied with this, through the transformation of science and technology circle of famous people, challengers need to shoot video upload again nominated for three people, 24 hours to participate in the challenger to donate $100 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to raise money.

ice bucket challenge spread to China from abroad, the day before Gates, Cook, Justin, Wade, Tom and James have been successfully challenged, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi and several other technology heavyweights have been named to participate in this activity, until now, has completed the challenge to Koo last night, and named Ma Yun, Wang Changtian challenges. Liu made the tiger named Zhou Hongyi, Luo Yonghao and Liu Jiangfeng challenge, the afternoon time, Zhou Hongyi has completed the challenge, and continue to challenge Xu Xiaoping, Huang Zhang, Ma Huateng.

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2 Alibaba sued the media from Ge Ge: fabricating facts compensation of $500 thousand

Following the

from media people Ge said the Alibaba will sue the PR director Yan Joe afterwards, according to ge today I broke the Alibaba has been the first to the prosecution, said he will respond actively.

below is a full text of the statement:

as I have commissioned a good lawyer, prepared for the Alibaba public relations director Yan Qiao filed a lawsuit against me regarding defamation when Alibaba’s complaint was the first step to. Last Friday I received a courier call in the field, asked me if I would like to receive a letter from the people’s Court of Hangzhou City, Binjiang District, I instructed the police to help me collect. Then, from Hangzhou’s petition, have a higher possibility for me to sue the Alibaba.

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Alibaba sued the media from Ge Ge: fabricating facts compensation 500 thousand yuan  

Alibaba officially filed a lawsuit yesterday from the media who violated the reputation of Ge &n>

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