Online short rental website industry norms to fill loopholes rush


short rental listings scattered, few features such as the facade of the industry to promote the operation of the network based, mostly for Internet users. Lu Li photo

hotel style short rent apartment, rent 168 yuan, a balcony Chuichui Feng, broadband chat, hobbies can enjoy their cooking, with dirty clothes to the washing machine……

everything sounds good, looks very affordable.

is a short rental industry in recent years, although there is no consumer acceptance has been a whoop and a holler, in a certain range. Due to strong demand in the market, many domestic cities have a variety of short rental. From the beginning of last year, the development potential of the emerging industry giant, has also attracted ants short rent, travel the world online short rental website rush.

very good short rental big cake is being quickly carved up. However, the nature of the rental room and the hotel between the short rental market is still in the stage of regulatory vacuum, the reality of the lack of supervision of the short rent can really be described as perfect?

this, Nanfang Daily reporter a number of industry insiders point of view, to come to such an answer: short rental need reputation, loopholes to be solved, all by consciously."

more than 90% business source network

listings scattered, there are fewer features such as the facade of the industry to promote the operation of the network based, mostly for Internet users.

3 cousins Wu Chong

of the National Day this year, ready to play in Shenzhen, and in previous years, receive relatives and friends in different ways, Wu Chong did not arrange them in the hotel, but will look in the short rent apartment.

"taking into account the golden week period, the hotel house prices are relatively high, it is difficult to book." Wu Chong said, often heard business friends mentioned short rent, "said housing is relatively reliable, like the bag with the hotel, the key is the room with a kitchen, can cook their own food."

called a short lease, can be understood as a short-term rental housing to the guests a form of lease, according to the day, week, month and other billing rental services.

"tenants can enjoy the hotel type service, equipped with independent kitchen, washing machine, air conditioning, LCD TV, microwave oven, free broadband is missing. The use of advanced IC card system, as well as regular staff to create health." Chen engaged in short rental business told reporters.

Such a

is located in Futian District Songling Road, 42 square meters of double apartment, price 190 yuan / day, the May promotional price of only 152 yuan / day, and generally near the hotel every day cost at least three hundred or four hundred yuan.

Chen said that from the beginning of 2009, from the hands of the hands of the original owners rented 5, 6 apartments, began a short rental business, the development so far, he has been on hand in the 55 houses. Due to the flexibility of time, easy to rent, short rental gradually accepted by some consumers.


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