Shanghai 64 thousand network operating companies have public business license information

bought a Steamed Buns, if suspected of fraud, according to the existing "consumer protection law", a claim, the consumer can back 2 dollars; if the "law" in accordance with the new regulations, the operator must pay for consumers 500 yuan, have another count of money Steamed Buns. Recently, the new "law" is being revised has caused widespread concern of consumers, whether it is "new" where? Yesterday, director of the Shanghai municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Wu Zhenguo guest livelihood interview, the new "law" is being revised to do a detailed answer at the same time, supervision of online shopping international brand supervision, Small and micro businesses to support the current hot issues.

the new "law" will have three treasure

in the interview, the new "law" has become the biggest topic. Wu Zhenguo said, is currently being revised "consumer protection law" added a lot of content, such as the burden of proof borne by the operators, fraud retreat one lose two, increase 7 regret right "and so on," at present, the amendment (Draft) still further comments, if the draft is passed, can be effective to solve some problems."

, for example, in consumer disputes, consumers tend to have "three": the investigation difficult, hard evidence, the burden of proof is difficult. The amendment in the new "law" (Draft), "proof" will clear responsibility borne by the operators. Wu Zhenguo said, the amendment (Draft) increase the provisions of article twenty-third, motor vehicle operators to provide, micro computers, televisions, refrigerators and other durable goods or services such as decoration, goods or services from the date of defects within 6 months since the consumer acceptance, occurrence of disputes, bear the burden of proof by the operator. Wu Zhenguo explained: "in short, this is the burden of proof upside down. The past is the consumer burden, and now if the operator does not think he has a problem, then the operator to prove that this can solve many problems."


amendment also increased penalties for fraud. According to the new regulations, fraud operators to provide goods or services shall, in accordance with the requirements of consumers increase the compensation for losses, increase the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase price of goods or services received two times the price, the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan to 500 yuan. "In short, in the past is the ‘back one lose one’, is now a ‘back to lose two’, from $500 compensation." Wu Zhenguo, for example, if consumers buy 100 yuan of goods, in accordance with the past is to return 100 yuan, 100 yuan compensation, according to the new "law", 100 yuan compensation must be returned, not 200 yuan, the board price is at least 500 yuan.

Another highlight of the

lies in the right to regret". Wu Zhenguo said that the amendment is also an increase in the terms of some special channels of goods unconditional return. Operators using the Internet, television and telephone sales of goods, in addition to the nature of the goods should not be returned, consumers have the right to return the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, which can solve many problems.

to network management network to strengthen the supervision of online shopping


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