nternet medical is a big gold pet medical care is also true

in the past, all Chinese each city we can rarely see high streets and back lanes, who in a pet, with a not so nice words, the past can not even eat rice run, which has surplus grain to feed the cat dog. But this is not the same, with the income levels rising, city relationships tended to increase in pressure, desalination and other reasons, more and more families are beginning to keep pets, even some people treat their pets than treat their children with heart.

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statistics show the pet population has exceeded 100 million, a lot of families each year more than 3000 yuan or more spending on pets, and even a few family pet spending reached million yuan, and this momentum continues to rise. Prospective industry Research Institute released the "pet market prospect of O2O strategic planning and investment analysis report" statistics, in 2015 China’s pet industry market reached 154 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 46%, is expected to China’s pet industry over the next few years the growth rate remained at more than 30%.

in the United States, the emergence of PetSmart, Petco and other large pet chain stores, but in China due to the rise of the pet market soon, the Internet has begun to rise. So the online pet chain has not yet formed a strong brand scale stores, many Internet entrepreneurs began to promote the pet industry, and the rapid development of this industry, the Internet in the breeze under the pet industry has also ushered in the great opportunity, so with the Internet related business, pet pet health beauty, pet, pet, pet training, pet, PET films and other smart devices like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. And in many of the vertical segmentation related to pets, pet medical market is a huge potential industry.

traditional pet pain points to the Internet to create opportunities for

currently has about 1.1 thousands of animal clinics throughout the country, but there is almost 70% of the pet medical institutions are husband and wife shop, and the remaining 30% are medical institutions smaller, can really in the medical standards are also regarded as a good platform is not much. Traditional pet medical immaturity, but also to the entire industry has brought a lot of user pain points.

: with a sore point China pets more and more people, the number of pets also will continue to rise, but in the domestic professional "vet" is very small, greatly not the pet population growth rate, it will cause a very serious phenomenon, the lack of domestic pet medical market, can give a pet for professional diagnosis of medical personnel. Most of the pet doctors, and did not have a professional training, most of them may just have some experience in caring for pets, nothing more than that.

pain point two: we mentioned earlier, most of the current domestic pet medical institutions are some of the smaller medical institutions, especially in the majority of couples. So, so many uneven pet medical institutions, the level of service and quality will

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