According to private hospital network promotion method summary

we all know that a lot of ways to promote the network, but not so the means of network promotion methods are suitable for their own site or enterprise, not all network promotion programs on the site to play a very good help. So, how can a private medical institutions to choose the right way to promote their own web site today, I am familiar with the private hospital network promotion method to do a simple summary. Here I talk about the private hospital network promotion method summary report.

for private hospital network promotion methods I summarized the following 15 categories.

method 1.sem (search engine marketing)

We often call it

PPC, several major search engines are Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO is currently the vast majority of hospitals; the most common way of promotion, but if not equipped with professional operation, the effect will be like water like gone for ever, and the relative cost other promotion methods, but the high conversion rate is quite high, the effect is very obvious.

Methods 2

web promotion

web promotion text link, picture, video link connecting this in several ways. Wangmeng promotion, can choose flexible delivery in various members of the alliance website. Web promotion costs relative to the bidding for a lot cheaper, but the conversion rate and price is much lower than for the hospital network; but the brand effect is better, to enhance the brand promotion is a good choice.

method 3.seo (search engine optimization)

SEO is a low cost, good results, the cost is not high, but need to invest more time and energy. Can hire professional SEO technical personnel to take charge of this work. Because the SEO is smaller than the SEM input, so compared to the competitive advertising, is a very small way; at present, many hospitals have the SEO professionals.

method 4 portal advertising

portal advertising also belongs to the network promotion promotion cost is relatively high, a health portal or area portal site advertising a day a few thousand to tens of thousands of prices; and the conversion rate is relatively low, the quality is not high. But, have a good effect on improving the hospital network brand, so why would a hospital willing to spend money on advertising, want to quickly enhance the brand advertising portal, I think it is a good choice.

method 5 website project cooperation


is a plastic surgery hospital you can find you plastic net, beauty network, network, network and so on female white-collar workers with similar to your target user site to discuss cooperation, seek win-win point, both sides reached a common profit to both sides.

method 6 Q & a promotion

Q & a promotion is also outside the station

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