DC industry Baidu PPC auction show form

"cloud computing" concept in recent years raging hit, IDC industry on the popular trend such as greedy. Cloud computing to improve the rate of return on investment in IDC service providers, the use of on-demand billing and stable and controllable super high cost, no doubt will lead the trend. The corresponding is brought about by the IDC industry competition becomes more and more big, the major IDC companies rely on network more and more marketing, at present, the search engine marketing service provider IDC project is required most of the network marketing, while Baidu bidding is one of the fastest way of promotion.

in the existing search engines, from the operation of bidding and bidding background, tool development, Baidu PPC bidding is the development of the most mature, the operation is simple and clear, can create, modify, price adjustment in the short time account. Baidu search engine in the domestic market share has reached more than eighty percent, although the 360 search also reached them, but in a short time is certainly not shake Baidu’s widening position. Baidu PPC the most obvious effect of the auction, capital investment is also a few other search engines can not be far from the auction. Baidu PPC bid to do good, is the promotion of the weapon, the Baidu PPC bidding do not, it is a burning machine.

a lot of friends just contact SEM, SEM have some confusion and confusion. So, what is SEM? Is the search engine search engine marketing platform based on network marketing, people use search engines rely on and use habits for, when people search for information, the marketing information to show in front of the user.

furthermore, what is SEM? SEM optimization search engine marketing optimization, refers to PPC running optimization, which put more scientific, more can achieve advertisers target. The most common Baidu PPC auction is in Baidu search results page on the left side of the show, top advertising, advertising on the right side, at the same time, in the Baidu know Baidu products, cooperation in the promotion of Baidu Internet search website, will also appear to show a bidding.

Baidu PPC

to show the form of bidding is not fixed, show the same form of words, in different regions, different time periods, depending on how much the number of users and the keyword bid bid, show in the form of change.

IDC industry Baidu PPC bidding is restricted, we should avoid going astray. Contains a class of prohibited words keywords, Baidu audit is not allowed on the. IDC industry PPC bidding audit relative to the pharmaceutical industry, it is very relaxed, unlike the medical industry’s Baidu PPC bidding on the left shows only four ad.

Baidu PPC show different forms of competition, there are a few points that need to cause our special attention. Baidu PPC auction show a left side effect is the best, and the results show the search not too obvious distinction, easy to attract visitors click, and top advertising >

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