Amway the four quadrant marketing people please

Author: Robert [email protected] Marketing Institute

compiler: Renata/[email protected] a product content officer

content production methods and concepts, such as native advertising, product content, product content…… There are paid media, owned media, earned media, the combination of these content strategies and the media will often be used in different projects. But how do they relate? Do you know when to use



Ryan Skinner, senior analyst, Forrester Institute recently released a report that: do not confuse content driven and product LED content marketing. In this report, he talked about some of the key details and differences, for us to sort out the content marketing methods are very helpful.

for months, I’ve been talking to Andrew Davis about this issue, and he put forward a concept: content marketing quadrant. I think this is a straightforward approach to the study of each branch of content marketing.


first quadrant: brand content

this kind of content is usually around the brand appeal about the story, focusing on the "content" of the product launch, coupled with a more sophisticated production and multi channels, so as to achieve silent and ubiquitous communication effect. For example, Dove’s advertising campaign: real beauty, constantly telling the true beauty, so that more women find their own beauty, captured the hearts of countless women.


second quadrant: native ad

native advertising compared to the content of the brand, focusing more on the "content based products", bearing side is usually with a flow of social media or website platform, and to work with the media platform, content integration, and provide valuable experience for users without destroying the context information, allowing users to naturally accept this brand.


third quadrant: content brand

simply said, is the content of the brand in their own control channels, such as the content of the site, the public number, electronic magazine, etc.. For example, diagram marked Kraft food brand brand, they made a special recipe website, recommend healthy recipes for different user groups, in order to attract users to subscribe to stay and consumption transformation.


fourth quadrant: customer experience

this quadrant emphasizes the brand direct pin

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