The significance of writing soft

before I start writing, I want to ask a few questions, I hope this big thinking:

1 the importance of soft


2 what is soft Wen?

3 soft future?

4 how to write soft?

5 soft what use?

the role and importance of a soft

1 brand, take my share of the 126 pictures. Invisible brand show, and is the most free promotion. 126 picture sharing was cited numerous times, we are familiar with. And pay attention to. When people mention you in that field, you just talked about the regional or refer to your domain name, your website, you’re laughing behind.

2 direct hits, because you invisible URL, your invisible product, causing the user’s curiosity, and direct users. Many forums, blogs, default www link points out form.

3 search weight, when I share the picture of the article, was reproduced in the 10 thousand time, it means that I added a chain of 10 thousand, which is what the concept of the ah, ah, ah, I would like to have the right to do so. A lot of beautiful pictures, such as the first word of the site, are also using this method for SEO.

I also often in the analysis: why many webmaster don’t want to see soft. Aversion to soft it? It is because of the sensitivity of the competition itself, do not want to see other people’s advertising, with the other people do not want to set the front page. This is the same in any industry, so the courage to face peer accusations. Many articles in the area of URL, the webmaster will immediately feel advertising, this is normal, because the grassroots itself is a new industry, which industry is not dead many veterans after the roll out. Wang Tong SEO has called grassroots pioneer, pioneer Fang Xingdong to death; blog, also called to death…… A pioneer in various fields to write text is the webmaster, do scold dead ready.

two soft Wen writing points analysis

soft writing is a science, science is always behind the law to follow. Is not but advertising is advertising, you should know that advertising is annoying! The importance of soft without words! How polite to the people to promote your website or your product.

1, first of all, you have to know yourself, know yourself better than others!

has been said, the world’s most difficult to understand is yourself. How about yourself? Ask yourself what " " " ", and why " ": what is my website? What is the site name? What is the key? What people would come to me the site of them? What would become a registered user? Registered users and what will further become my customer? Customers who.

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