College entrepreneurs no money no technology no team also want to subvert BAT

lead: remember three points: adjust the direction of the idea; it is important to implement; not worth a hair, is more important than money, practice learning, trial and error, and this is a lot of people engage in counter.


public employment seems to have begun to enter the period of weakness, the so-called crazy period of entrepreneurship has become the past, after the madness, of course is the first reason, so we will not go to the so-called billions and billions of market share and blindly financing, burn. At the same time, everyone on the business becomes more and more no sense, or that we no longer think of it as a counter attack to the rich handsome, white Formica life cut, it is no longer as in the past so tall, recently talked about each business, think more is failure, burn, run away negative words.

after some time ago a car company owed 5 million debt to CEO, run away, today a rent treasure checked, responsible person was arrested; after drops fast, 58 fair and beauty group comments merged into these days Jiayuan Lily merge, even the second child to live, not to mention the old, old four; even Zhang Tao and Yang Haoyong out, not to mention you, and I, perhaps this is the true face of entrepreneurship.

however, regardless of whether the business is crazy or rational, and the existence of a serious derailment in the community of College entrepreneurs, there is not much impact. Of course, this gap refers to the students to grasp the direction of the project in the market as well as the pain point, so I think students should be low cost, high learning growth returns, low cost and financial circles or venture capital investment, high profit return is essentially different. Because college students are more important than money, profit is the practice, learning, trial and error, and the accumulation of money he is important for hundreds of times, or even thousands of times.

Remember a few days ago,

was invited to do at school a business and new media will share a lot of college students, but also full of enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship Based on some, to take this opportunity to share with you about three views of entrepreneurship students, many college students sharing after I spoke to the early days of hardship and distress. For a variety of problems facing the business in the early start, every day spent in doubt and anxiety, the problems they face is my original problems, this is actually the entrepreneurship of college students can not avoid the problem.

so, share three points will I also want to take this opportunity to share with you, the three views are the early start of the project is not immutable and frozen; the idea is important to implement; not worth a hair, practice, learning and entrepreneurship students focus on trial and error.

entrepreneurship is not static

first, the early start of the project is not immutable and frozen, according to the team, related resources and policy needs to be adjusted, and even change, at this stage we call the trial period. In the university campus, trial and error period may be three years or four years, but when you step on social entrepreneurship, this trial period may only one year or half a year, because you can not afford to waste time.

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