Grassroots nternet users how to do e commerce from scratch to earn one million a year

to write the title not to curry favour by claptrap, maybe a lot of people think that the monthly income of million are hard enough, let alone millions of years into! Most people think it is millions of years into the listed company executives or corporate CEOs can do, in fact, now the currency devaluation so badly, millions of years into is just equivalent to million households a few years ago, is not so far, ordinary people as long as you are not stupid, effort can be achieved, especially now with the network, because of the low cost of the network and the rapid development of entrepreneurial characteristics, it is easier to do, focus on the study of the 369 schools at present grassroots business summed up a feasible method to tell ordinary grassroots Internet users how to start e-commerce on the Internet within a year to earn one million from zero.

first, because e-commerce is a knowledge-based economy, you have to learn to understand the basic concept of e-commerce knowledge, understand the basic mode of operation of e-commerce, otherwise you do not know how to do. Many people love to follow a Taobao shop, then think not settle a matter by leaving it unsettled to do e-commerce, this is because you don’t understand and go blind to do. Modaobuwukanchaigong, first learn knowledge is a must. The electronic commerce is a name on the Internet to do business, all business is nothing more than for others to provide products or services, understand this, you can see what their products or services can be provided to others, you may say I am an ordinary person what is not, is not what products can be offered to others, this it is because you do not understand the operation of electronic commerce, which of your own resources do not realize that all successful business is a good combination of business human resources and business operations of the knowledge based, everyone is not born to know how to do business, or not there are ready-made business on it for you, to do e-commerce must understand the knowledge and understanding of their own resources to business case know for What projects, what products or services can be offered.

so, if the electricity supplier knowledge, how do you know what to do for the project to get within a year to earn millions? The first idea is to do their best at the field, such as you are selling breakfast, you preferred to sell breakfast, maybe you say how breakfast sells on the net that you ah! There is no milk every morning to see the light distribution? Sold through the network reservation, every day like milk as distribution, then why not? 369 school is the traditional IT training to online, if you also do the training can also consider doing so, now all industries to electricity, each industry can find the right combination of points; if he did nothing, then choose their own areas of interest, interest is the source of power, you must be interested in the industry to learn more Money, find the links you can do to do; if you feel really what is not, no job, and no interest, then you will see your friends and family in what to do, with the electricity supplier to help them expand their business, to help them improve the efficiency of scale this, "

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