Freaky Liu Nan financing round of price war started ZhiNiaoKu

Liu Nan photos provided by me

March 16th, honey bud baby diaper berserk Festival starts. Low price to 68 yuan, the equivalent of the current electricity price cut imported diapers". This not only led to a lot of young mothers hot purchase, 12 hours of single transaction, but also lead the other mother and child electricity supplier in succession with the fall of 400 thousand. Let people sit up and take notice is off, the price war "Honey bud baby" is not the major electricity supplier, but a year of the newly established company.

was looking at rising trading volume, while a year ago, Liu Nan will be happy like a little girl. The 1984 born CEO, now people, always remind myself not to forget, even sex and mother’s role, because the mall in her eyes is "brutal fight" to overcome the weakness of the female founder of nature, "a man more courageous than men, make decisions faster".

from discussing the price war to making decisions, Liu Nan took only two hours. In December 20, 2014, her management team pulled out to the suburbs of Beijing meeting, the price war has been put on the agenda, the two opposite each other. Opponents say, about general electricity supplier diapers gross only 3%, "Honey bud" with the advantage of the supply chain have a good profit, can other companies price first and go with the support of the people; that maternal electricity supplier price war to fight the first is sooner or later, once the diapers and milk powder, honey bud "you can start playing.

"now that the price war is inevitable, why not immediately rush to the future?" she should not only make a prompt decision: diapers in a price war, but also to continue to play, the year 2015 do not profit! She believes that the price war is the most powerful means of business competition, the fight to know who is swimming naked".

price war is the premise of playing. Honey bud baby for this to come up with 500 million yuan stocking, plus $100 million consumer subsidies. "Make sure you don’t feel like you can’t spend money when you don’t need it." Liu Nan said. Honey bud baby has gone through 3 rounds of financing a year, which is very fast for start-up companies. She used tens of millions of dollars A round of real funds and other investment to establish a core team, including from Hongkong investment bank hundreds of million yuan annual salary to join the "Honey bud baby" CFO sun wei.

when the B Sequoia Capital’s $20 million still on the account, Sun Wei tried to persuade her to melt a round". Liu Nan feel very scary, because the end of the year to pull sales, adjust the supply chain, refinancing will take off three layers of skin". Sun Wei smiled and said, "it’s okay. I’ll try to get you off the ground".

is the sum of $60 million in the first place in 1 months, to honey bud baby hit the first to provoke a price war, further control the basis of pricing.

in fact, after the B round of financing, want to vote honey bud baby more and more people, the only requirement for Liu Nan to choose investment is professional". >

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