Since May 20th Taobao needs to provide proof of the sale of luxury goods identify

for purchasing in the Taobao online has become a major way for many consumers to buy luxury goods, but the false ones has been plaguing consumers. The day before, announced on the regulation of luxury brand goods.

it is reported that from the beginning of May 20th, Taobao platform luxury brand sellers need to provide proof of their goods related documents are not fakes, otherwise it will face the shelf, closed shop and other penalties.

from the beginning of the 20 month of this year, Taobao requires verification of luxury brand products related documents. When the seller releases or edits some of the luxury brands, it is necessary to upload the relevant documents (such as invoices, shopping malls, small ticket, brand authorization, etc.). After the completion of the upload, Taobao will be within 3-5 working days of these information for review, after the right person / Taobao audit no objection to confirm the adoption, the seller can release the brand of goods. If the overdue upload, commodity will be under treatment; if the qualification information and commodity upload inconsistent or invalid, will make the corresponding punishment according to the relevant rules, including but not limited to: under the frame of commodity, shielding shops, closed shop and even handed business and public security administrative organs of the state.

as for the purchasing business, if the inventory type is not in the spot, when the goods need to fill in the purchasing information, after the delivery of the goods to the relevant documents. If the documents are not submitted or not approved, the relevant items will be deleted, the funds may be frozen. In the Chinese market, luxury brands face the proliferation of fakes is quite weak. According to the World Customs Organization estimates, fake fashion industry accounted for 10% of global trade. This means that: every 10 fashion goods, there are 1 fake. In China, due to the manufacturing industry, the situation may be more serious. According to the research of wealth Quality Institute, fake luxury goods market visibility is 6 times more than the real thing.

in this context, as the "global" business platform, which can lead to "clean up" will be in favor of brands. The series has attracted heavy Ali Burberry settled. President Zhou Ting, experts in the field of luxury, wealth Quality Research Institute said that in the face of luxury brands in China starting business trend, in 2016 there will be a large number of sales of non genuine luxury companies collapse, consumers will get bonus.

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