Free trade zone to the new opportunities for cross border electricity supplier

                      April 21st, Guangdong Nansha trade zone area formally, cross-border electricity business inspired and ready to. A day earlier, the Jingdong has been brewing for a long time the "global Jingdong purchase" released on the line, ferocious, large enterprises stationed in the "regular army" has become the trend of cross-border electricity supplier.

FTA and cross-border electricity supplier what? The industry believes that with the FTA landing, high quality and low price of imported products will emerge in the free trade area, the previous "grey sea Amoy decline, the promotion of large enterprises have joined the cross-border electricity supplier, also let the industry into standard and health. But for Guangzhou, it’s not just that.

as one of the cross-border electricity supplier pilot city, Guangzhou also has the advantages of superposition area of Nansha FTA, FTA will lead to cross-border industrial agglomeration, and trade in the "customs, inspection, foreign exchange, tax and other policies clear, also let the industry to a higher level of opening up. Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier expectations for the future is expected to come true.

"Macau Shuike" or a deadly impact

free trade zone of Nansha area listed, high-quality products around the world more easily into the domestic market. Most importantly, these products are expected to domestic logistics speed, price through the FTA platform door-to-door, Australia, Japan and South Korea as long as milk powder cosmetics can tap the mouse in the bag is not a dream. Shanghai free trade area as an example, because the price of imported goods from 10% to 30% cheaper than the market, customers often overwhelmed". In the future, Guangdong free trade zone three area is also expected to emerge similar sales enterprises.

from the end of 2013, Guangzhou approved to become one of the six major cross-border pilot city, with favorable policies and market demand, in 2014, Guangzhou cross-border market ushered in the "sea Amoy" as the representative of the cross-border import business outbreak. According to data provided by the Guangzhou Commerce Commission, last year, Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier (retail) import and export volume of 1 billion 310 million yuan, ranking first in the pilot cities in the country.

Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier practitioners said, after many years, in the domestic customs declaration, foreign exchange settlement are more stringent, by retail business based cross-border retail electricity providers, most commodities go postal parcel exit, many enterprises and institutions muffled fortune, but also the individual purchasing xinghuoliaoyuan.

institutions in the chi is also a purchasing imported milk powder, nearly a year to his expanding channels, monthly sales of 150 boxes of a certain brand of imported milk powder, the monthly net profit of about two thousand or three thousand yuan. As a member, purchasing army he admits, purchasing people based on trust, and with the expansion of market demand, purchasing fake money really is not uncommon. Due to the lack of regulation, product fraud, fraud and other issues have surfaced. After the FTA listing, cross-border electricity >

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