Go to the market good old businesses Thanksgiving building a business user communication bridge

popular in the Internet O2O industry today, many businesses are also with the major platform provides a lot of convenience to the user, a group of high-quality business integrity emerged during this period to get the user’s praise and recognition, but also for the professional development of ganji.com plays a good role in promoting. For Thanksgiving this kind of merchants, Ganji will be held in December 2015 the national linkage "good old businesses" Thanksgiving activities, aimed at joint tenants for the industry healthy development of building blocks to build more quality businesses and user communication bridge.

set an example of the industry to promote business service level

it is understood that the Thanksgiving feedback activities from November 30th onwards, continued until December 25th, when the country will set off a wave of Thanksgiving selection. According to the ganji.com relevant responsible person said, Ganji organized by the "good old businesses" Thanksgiving activities, emphasis is to make quality businesses no longer flooded, better able to show business, enhance their reputation, resulting in demonstration and strong leading role, promote the business platform to enhance the level of service and integrity, and then bring flow volume and more as a platform for businesses.

as a bridge between businesses and consumers, ganji.com constantly improve their own at the same time, but also actively promote the right business values, encourage businesses to legality, integrity, enthusiasm and other elements of business enterprises, professional, efficient and comprehensive way of marketing services, a move that will undoubtedly also lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of industry.

powerful platform to create a healthy ecosystem

since this year, Ganji and 58 city since the merger, its development has been widespread concern in the outside world, 58 city and Ganji created a common classification of the information industry China, let hundreds of millions of users to make better use of the Internet and mobile Internet services to their lives, everyone has become a trusted life service platform is the common goal. It is also based on this goal, the two sides merged the interests of customers first, to better meet the needs of businesses and users, the "integrity" of the old business Chinese selection activities, not only provides a platform for self display for the majority of businesses, more let users a full understanding of the business, to create a ecosystem health ganji.com platform.

ganji.com "good business integrity" selection of Thanksgiving activities, form a good role model in the industry, through the selection of the real practice of service user services to local businesses, to promote mutual exchanges between the business integrity and Small and micro businesses, help businesses and enterprises to grasp industry trends, development support and brand benefit greatly to the local life the service industry, Small and micro businesses businesses, help businesses out of their predicament, realize the healthy and rapid development, create prosperity in a fair competitive environment.

ganji.com is committed to building a reputation system of


reporter visited the learned, the natural extension to build the O2O service life of credit system is ganji.com strategy. The integrity of the old business, the selection of Thanksgiving activities is also for

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