Customs tariff reduction who knows the cross border electricity supplier of sorrow


] January 8th news billion state power network, for the majority of consumers to buy foreign goods to buy cheap, has been one of the important reasons for the choice of cross-border electricity supplier. But with the general trade tariffs on imports of goods have declined, the postal tax cross-border electricity providers gradually lose the price advantage, consumers will love cross-border electricity supplier it?

learned billion state power network, following the June 2015 cut part of import tariffs on goods, at the beginning of January 2016, the government to further expand the scope of tax reduction of imported goods, including clothing, bags, again reducing scarf, booth, vacuum cup and sunglasses 16 consumer goods provisional tax.

down tax, bags, wool suit sets the provisional import tax rate of 10%, wool coat, scarf, blanket tentative import tax rate of $8%, the provisional import tariff rate of vacuum insulation cup is 12%, sunglasses for the 6%. Most categories of tax rates down 50%.


down tax standard or cross-border electricity supplier than expensive

such a substantial tariff cut, cross-border electricity supplier model there is room for it?

star wardrobe founder Lin Qinghua to billion state power network that, in the general trade tax, only a small part of the tariff, tariff tax only, the overall impact is not so big.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in general trade import tax, besides tariffs, businesses need to pay value-added tax, as a commodity, the overseas purchase price A yuan, the domestic price of B yuan, the general trade tax should be: A× 117%× +B÷% tariff; value-added tax (% – A+A× tariff; × VAT%%).

from the above formula can be found, the general trade tax is subject to tariff and value-added tax effect, lower tariffs of general trade tax will be reduced, but because businesses still need to pay value-added tax, but tax general trade need plus insurance and transportation costs, so the tariff rate of the cost of imports of co..

to diaper pants, for example, although this time the urine pants tariffs down to 2%, but the value added tax after the tax rate is still around 20%.

and its comparison at present for sale in the cross-border electricity supplier on the platform of diapers and milk powder standard, because there are 50 yuan threshold limit, so there is usually through cross-border electricity supplier of imported domestic products required to pay taxes for 0 yuan, the price is still over cross-border diaper general trade.

cross-border electricity supplier advantage lies in commodity access and commodity inspection convenience

, however, not all cross-border electricity providers have an absolute price advantage than the general trade.


in the years of work experience in the industry told billion state power network, in fact, last June and January this year, down.

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