Aspiring NRIs May Come Under Tax Scanner Before They Leave India

first_imgThe Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has formed a five-member committee to oversee the tax implications of the high net worth individuals (HNIs) who leave the country and settle abroad.The panel, which is led by a joint secretary-rank official and four revenue officers, is expected to meet on Friday and look into the cases of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and likes. The panel will also look into various hidden clauses so that the government can evaluate the “substantial risk” such migrations pose and devise a policy response accordingly.Read it at Business Today Related Itemslast_img read more

The secret web

first_imgThe Government suspects money-laundering, pay-offs and acquisitions of assets through tax havens by some key players, according to internal reports, based on the Niira Radia phone tapes, filed by the investigations wing of the Income Tax Department. These documents are in the exclusive possession of INDIA TODAY.The top secret confidential,The Government suspects money-laundering, pay-offs and acquisitions of assets through tax havens by some key players, according to internal reports, based on the Niira Radia phone tapes, filed by the investigations wing of the Income Tax Department. These documents are in the exclusive possession of INDIA TODAY.The top secret confidential reports were prepared by Director-General Income Tax (Investigations) Milap Jain and joint director Ashish Abrol based the wiretaps. Another set of documents reveals correspondence between Abrol and Vineet Agarwal, DIG, anti-corruption branch of the CBI. Vineet Agarwal writes a letter dated November 16, 2009 to Jain, informing him of an investigation “relating to a criminal conspiracy between certain public servants and private persons in the grant of UAS licences in the year 2007-08”. It requests Jain to make available any information relating to Radia, particularly information obtained through telephonic surveillance. Abrol writes a letter in reply to Agarwal on November 20, 2009 and confirms the existence of taped conversations that suggest that Radia’s firms “not only manage the media but as per conversations, apparently try to influence policy changes and decisions of various government departments to the suit the commercial requirements of their clients”. He goes on to say, “If deemed necessary, you may depute an officer to collect the extract from the undersigned.”The following are excerpts from the letters and the internal reports of the Income Tax Department, lifted verbatim. These excerpts give a sense of where the Government investigation is headed and are likely to form the basis for the drawing up of any formal charges against Radia and her associates.advertisement’Radia is a very close associate of A. Raja and has been instrumental in getting licences and spectrum for Swan Telecom, Aircel, Unitech and Datacom.’Of the above Datacom, set-up by HFCL group along with Dhoot of Videocon, is alleged to be having funding through the Mukesh Ambani group and an employee of Reliance Manoj Modi, who is constantly in touch with Radia.’Swan on paper is backed by a Mumbai real estate company Dynamix Balwas group of companies? Apparently Tata as per conversation, indirectly controls equity in Aircel through Maxis Communication and Apollo.”Tata through Voltas is in touch with Neera and Ratnam, CA of (Rajathi) Ammal, wife of M. Karunanidhi. They are apparently going to construct a building in Chennai on a land controlled by ‘Trill’ with the Karunanidhi family as payoff to DMK for keeping Maran out of Telecom (Ministry)? Radia was very close to Ratnam, Kanimozhi and of course Raja. She was to meet Raja in relation to their common investment in Swan telecom and other matters.”There are also some calls relating to betting in cricket and other sports. These people also appeared to be involved in cross-border transactions such as acquisition of assets through tax havens. Some of the proceeds have apparently come back into defunct Indian companies.”Vitcom (one of Radia’s four companies) has been handling the affairs of NDTV Imagine while Neucomm was set up essentially for the purpose of handling the affairs of Mukesh Ambani Group of Industries. Vaishnavi handles the media affairs as well as ‘environment management’ for the Tata Group, Unitech, Star TV along with the other corporate clients.”There is a suspicion that the group has taken bogus loan entries through entry operators. The entry operator, worried by then recession wanted to reverse the loan entries? Radia had arranged for an ‘advance’ for Unitech group from Tata Realty of which outstanding of Rs 250 crore is spoken of (advance projected as one for a vague purpose though some 500 acre land is talked about)? cheques given by Unitech to Tata Realty have bounced even though press briefings dictated by Radia give out that advance has been cleared? Unitech advised by Radia to bring Telenor funding in tranches and to give impression that the investment is coming in the company and there is no windfall gain for promoters in the valuation of the Telecom licence at over Rs 6,000 crore.”Apart from allegedly managing the telecom licence for Unitech, conversations seem to hint that Radia has either handled and facilitated cross-border transfer of funds or is in the know of the same. Lehman Brothers were supposed to invest three tranches in Unitech’s Mumbai project. The first investment that was done was Rs 740 crore towards 50 per cent of Unitech’s holdings in Shivalik Ventures Pvt Ltd in 50-50 JV SPV between Unitech and Rohan Developers, Mumbai.’The balance was to come in two tranches of around $550 million. Analysis of a series of conversations reveal that of the investments to be routed into India through Lehman Brothers Real Estate Partners, investing ‘third party funds in real estate’. At least a part comprised round-tripped funds and when Lehman Brothers collapsed, only one tranche had come and the balance was stuck. Conversations suggest that part of the funds would be re-routed through the deal structured with the international partner in the sale of equity in the Unitech Telecom entity. The initial discussions appeared to be with Telecom Italia as well as Telenor. The deal was finally closed with Telenor of Norway.’advertisement’Sunil Mittal of Bharti Airtel had been lobbying to prevent Raja from becoming telecom minister essentially for three reasons. (i) GSM lobby aggrieved at the favour shown to cdma lobby on spectrum; (ii) Mittal was lobbying for Dayanidhi Maran; (iii) There appears to be some irregularity in purchase of Vodafone’s investment in Bharti Airtel. Mittal contacted Radia and wanted her to work for him on informal basis. Radia said she would as long as there was no conflict of interest with Tatas. However, she would help him mend fences (for a fee) with telecom minister Raja. There is a third person who apparently met Mittal at Suhel Seth’s house, acting as a link between Mittal and Radia.”With regards to the Tata group telephone conversations, it suggests that the entire media and political environment management for the failed Singur project and the subsequent shifting to Gujarat was handled by Radia and her associates. This included ‘managing’ important CPI(M) leaders (Radia apparently has an independent, very good relationship with certain Left Front and CITU leaders).”Radia and Jehangir Pocha have been in touch with Chhajlani from Nayi Dunia. They wanted Nayi Duniya to front for someone else who wants to control a news channel in India, which later as per conversation turns out to be NewsX taken over from Peter and Indrani Mukherjee.”There appear to have been some cross-border transactions in this acquisition (of NewsX). Radia is also spreading business connections to Africa, including investments in Guinea and Senegal through Global Minerals. There are several conversations in this regard, including reference to a mail from Muthuraman and by (Pradip) Baijal, her associate? Baijal appears to be getting Reliance people on the pipeline regulatory agency.”Radia seems to be instrumental in organising certain institutional land in Rajasthan through her close associate Sunil Arora, an IAS officer, former PS to CM, Rajasthan… A call between Arora and Radia appears to be in relation to some income tax enquiry relating to land allotments in Rajasthan to N.K. Singh and other companies.’FICCI chief (SIC) Tarun Das is chairman of Haldia Petrochem (government nominee). As per a conversation apparently Mukesh Ambani wants to take over Haldia Petro Chemicals and Das through Radia is facilitating the same. Das got them to open the issue with CPI(M). Nirupam Sen of CPI(M) set up a meeting with Prakash Karat. They fear that one Purnendu (Chatterjee) may create a problem and will have to be handled by Mukesh.’advertisement’There is a conversation between Manoj Modi and Radia regarding Radia organising a Delhi-based NGO to file PIL cases and other cases against ADAG group. Earlier Modi claims to have used ngo Ramjibhai Mavani (Rajkot). The NGO, which Radia has organised, had earlier done the high profile DLF case. It is apparently controlled by three people, one of them is a close associate of Radia, other is a sardar from jnu, third being some person with lots of credibility. Daljit, her employee, and Arora have helped in locating this NGO.”She is in the process of interfering in the appointment of Members of Pipeline Regulatory Agencies along with Baijal.’last_img read more

Elbow pain

first_imgDefinition This article describes aching or other discomfort in the elbow that is not related to direct injury.Alternative NamesPain – elbowCommon CausesElbow pain can be caused by a variety of problems. A common cause in adults is tendinitis, an inflammation and injury to the tendons — soft tissues that attach muscle to bone.People who play racquet sports are most likely to injure the tendons on the outside of the elbow. This condition is commonly called tennis elbow. Golfers are more likely to injure the tendons on the inside of the elbow.Other common causes of elbow tendinitis are gardening, playing baseball, using a screwdriver, or overusing your wrist and arm.Young children commonly develop “nursemaids elbow,” usually when someone is pulling on their straightened arm. The bones are stretched apart momentarily and a ligament slips in between, where it becomes trapped when the bones try to snap back into place. Children will usually quietly refuse to use the arm, but often cry out with any attempt to bend or straighten the elbow. This condition is also called an elbow subluxation (a partial dislocation).Other common causes of elbow pain are:Bursitis — inflammation of a fluid-filled cushion beneath the skinArthritis — narrowing of the joint space and loss of cartilage in the elbowElbow strainsInfection of the elbowHome CareGently try to move the elbow and increase your range of motion. If this hurts you, or you cannot move the elbow, call your doctor or nurse.advertisementCall your health care provider ifCall your doctor or nurse if:You have a prolonged case of tendinitis that doesnt improve with home care.The pain is due to a direct elbow injury.There is obvious deformity.You are unable to use the elbow.You have fever or swelling and redness of your elbow.Your elbow is locked.A child has elbow pain.What to expect at your health care providers officeYour doctor or nurse will examine you, and carefully check your elbow. You will be asked questions about your medical history and symptoms,such as:Are both elbows affected?Does the pain shift from the elbow to other joints?Is the pain over the outside bony prominence of the elbow?Did the pain begin suddenly and severely?Did the pain begin slowly and mildly and then get worse?Is the pain resolving spontaneously?Did the pain begin following an injury?What makes the pain better or worse?Treatment depends on the cause, butmay involve:AntibioticsCorticosteroid shotsPain medicinePhysical therapySurgery (last resort)ReferencesRonthal M. Arm and neck pain. In: Bradley WG, Daroff RB, Fenichel GM, Jankovic J, eds. Neurology in Clinical Practice. 5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Butterworth-Heinemann; 2008:chap 32.Regan WD, Grondin PP, Morrey BF. Elbow and forearm. In: DeLee JC, Drez D Jr, Miller MD, eds. DeLee and Drez’s Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2009:chap 19.Review Date:8/11/2012Reviewed By:David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc. C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.last_img read more

Kazak weightlifter Ilya Ilyin stripped of Beijing, London weightlifting golds

first_imgKazak weightlifter Ilya Ilyin has been stripped of the gold medals he won at the Beijing and London Olympic Games after failing doping tests in re-analysis of samples, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Friday.Ilyin, who won the 94kg category at both Games and is one of the sport’s most celebrated figures, tested positive for the banned substance stanozolol in 2008 and turinabol and stanozolol in 2012, the IOC said as it confirmed its decision to strip him of the medals, which he was ordered to hand back.The decision was a formality after the International Weightlifting Federation announced in June that Ilyin, a hero in his home country, had failed a re-test. (Also read: Russia stripped of women’s relay Gold of 2008 Olympics)The 28-year-old, who has also won four world titles and is a multiple world record holder, was suspended and missed the Rio de Janeiro Games in August where he had been expected to win gold in the 105kg category. Ilyin has denied wrongdoing.Aksana Miankova of Belarus was stripped of the gold medal she won in the women’s hammer throw in Beijing after testing positive for turinabol and oxandrolone in re-tests.Miankova was also disqualified from the same event at the London Games where she finished seventh. Her compatriot Natallia Mikhnevich was stripped of the silver medal from the women’s shot put in Beijing after testing positive for methandienone and stanozolol.Four other athletes were disqualified after also failing re-tests carried out by the IOC. (Also read: Russia stripped of two Beijing Olympic medals for doping)advertisementThey were Pavel Lyzhyn of Belarus, who competed in the men’s shot put in Beijing, Sviatlana Vusovich from the women’s 800 metres in Beijing, Boyanka Kostova of Azerbaijan from the women’s weightlifting in London and Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova of Belarus from the women’s long jump in London.The IOC, which stores samples for a decade to test with newer methods or to analyse performance-enhancing substances that have yet to be identified, says a total of 98 samples have come back as positive in re-testing from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.It has been naming the guilty athletics, and stripping them of their medals where appropriate, in batches.last_img read more

FIFA U-17 World Cup Final, England vs Spain: Highlights

first_imgEngland beat Spain 5-2 to win the FIFA U-17 World Cup the Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata. 21.57 IST: REMEMBER THE FACES! CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.Congratulations, @England! ???2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup champions ??????#FIFAU17WC?????? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201721.55 IST: Heartbreak for Spain but joy for England. What a night it has been for the youngsters.EnglandJune 2017 won FIFAU20WC titleJuly 2017 won UEFA European Under-19 titleOct 2017 won FIFAU17WC titleJuly 2018 FIFAWC in Russia ?- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) October 28, 201721.54 IST: This is England’s second World Cup this year. They lifted the U-20 World Cup earlier this year. 21.53 IST: What a comeback victory it has been. Foden and Odoi real stars for the Three Lions. FT | #FIFAU17WCFINAL – KOLKATA??´ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?England 5-2 Spain????@England come from two goals down to win! ??? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201721.53 IST: It’s over. England win the U-17 World Cup by beating Spain 5-221.46 IST: GOAAAAALLLL! Fifth for England. Foden finishes it off again. What a pass by Odoi and what a goal by Foden. England 5-2 Spain. GOAL! Two for @PhilFoden, five for the #YoungLions! ??- England (@England) October 28, 201721.43 IST: This is Guehi’s first-ever goal for England. In all probability this is a World Cup winning goal.21.42 IST: GOAL! It’s 4-2 now. England steal it away from Spain.  Guehi gets the fourth.GOAL! Big Marc Guehi finishes inside the area and it’s 4-2 to the #YoungLions with less than ten minutes of the #FIFAU17WC final to go! ???advertisement- England (@England) October 28, 201721.42 IST: Free-kick. Odoi stands over it.21.41 IST: Yellow for Spain’s Jaunme.21.39 IST: Kirby replaces GIBBS-WHITE for England.21.38 IST: FIFA acknowledges the new record created.#FIFAU17WC Final attendance: 66,684??????? India, thank you for your incredible support! #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201721.35 IST: How lucky are they?75′ The official attendance for the final match of #FIFAU17WC is 66,684. Kudos to Kolkata and all venues to set a new record in @FIFAcom- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201721.33 IST: It has been all ENGLAND in the second half and they have killed Spain from the flanks.21.31 IST: ON THE LINE! Sessegnon saves the day for England as of now.21.29 IST: Change for Spain.72′ First change for @SeFutbol as Lara replaces Gelabart #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 2017 21.28 IST: GOAL! What a comeback it has been. FODEN puts England ahead. Spain 2 – 3 England.69′ What have Hudson-odoi and Foden taken for lunch? The sheer skill, lightning pace and acute precision earns the third goal for @England- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201721.27 IST: And what a fight we are seeing.?????? Here’s what’s at stake tonight…Whoever lifts it, will deserve it! We’ve got a great #FIFAU17WC Final in Kolkata ???? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201721.20 IST: How good has Foden been? Just how good?62′ Hudson and Foden are combining well and they’re making @SeFutbol defenders make errors #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201721.19 IST: Mr. Linekar is happy.Brilliant goal from Englands U17s. Now 2-2 from 2 down. What a talent Phil Foden looks to be.- Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 28, 201721.16 IST: GOAL! England go level. It’s 2-2 now. Gibbs-White finishes it clinically. What a match!GOAL! There’s the equaliser, as @_StevenSess crosses for @Morgangibbs27 to tap in.What a response by the #YoungLions! ???- England (@England) October 28, 201721.11 IST: Phil Foden’s dazzling footwork has been really exciting to watch so far.52′ Foden is toying with the @SeFutbol defence but his grounded shot goes past the goal #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201721:04 IST: We are underway for the second half. Can Spain go on to seal the game?AP Photo20.52 IST: Snap of the half.?? Remember the name: Sergio GomezHe’s got two in the first half for Spain in #FIFAU17WC Final ???? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201720.48 IST: HT: Spain 2 – 1 England. Sergio Gomez scored both the goals for Spain while Rhian Brewster got one back for England. An exciting first-half at the SLS.HT | #FIFAU17WCFINAL – KOLKATA??´ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?England 1-2 Spain????Sergio Gomez with first-half brace, Rhian Brewster with goal on 44′ #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201720.47 IST: Brewster stands over it.20.47 IST: Free-kick right outside the box for England. Can they go level?20.45 IST: 2 minutes of added time.20.44 IST: GOAL! Brewster pulls one back for the Three Lions just before half-time. Spain 2 – 1 England.GOAL! The #YoungLions are back in it as, a minute before the break, @RhianBrewster9 heads home ??? England (@England) October 28, 201720.42 IST: England strike the bar from the left wing.42′ Hudson-odoi you beauty. A terrific piece of attack down the left but he hits the woodwork #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.39 IST: Foden misses a sitter to get England one back. 39′ Odoi unleashes a great cross and Foden tries to head it home from a lower height but it goes wide #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.37 IST: It has been incredible really. ????????? Packed house in Kolkata for #FIFAU17WC Final! Thank you for creating a wonderful atmosphere, India ???? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201720.36 IST: Sad for England really. Chants of ‘Spain Spain’ go around the stadium. Past performances of England all forgotten by the Kolkata crowd, says Ritayan.20.31 IST: WHAT A GOAL! Gomez scores his second. Spain 2-0 up at Yuba Bharati. The stadium is shocked.#FIFAU17WC | GOAL!??´ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?0-2??????Sergio Gomez (31)Follow ?? #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201732′ A left-footed volley and BOOM!!! Sergio Gomez doubles the lead for @SeFutbol . @Englandare stunned. #ESP are 2-0 up. #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.29 IST: That feeling when you score early.AP Photo20.28 IST: Cooling break now.20.24 IST: They won’t get this if the scoreline remains this way.So, a tricky start for the #YoungLions but we’ve still got the trophy in our sights ??? England (@England) October 28, 201720.21 IST: A GIFT THROWN AWAY!21′ What a counter-attack!!! Superb pace by Moukhliss but Anderson throws himself to thwart it. Great goalkeeping it’s #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 2017 20.18 IST: It has been a tremendous game so far.18′ Tremendous game so far. One @SeFutbol attack followed by a pacy counter-attack by @England . Superb game so far #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 2017 20.17 IST: Whoever wins today will be the ninth country to lift the title.20.16 IST: The pace has died down and it’s more of a controlled play now.20.11 IST: Anti-climax for England really20.10 IST: GOOOAAALLL! Sergio Gomez puts Spain ahead in the 10th minute.10′ What a scintillating build-up by @SeFutbol !!! Terrific game and equally calm finish by Sergio Gomez. #ENG 0-1 #ESP #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.09 IST: The mexican wave is doign the rounds at the Salt Lake Stadium, says our  reporter Ritayan Basu 20.08 IST: INTERESTING FACT: Spain have been unchanged since the second game of the tournament. 20.06 IST: A cross from Spain but straight to the hands of the English goalkeeper.6′ Torres unleashes a great cross from the right wing but it’s timely caught by Anderson #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC- Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.04 IST: Wembley feels for England.In front of a 60,000-strong crowd in Kolkata, the #FIFAU17WC final is under way.Come on, #YoungLions! ?? England (@England) October 28, 2017The stage is set for the biggest match of the #FIFAU17WC, the final between @England and @SeFutbol #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201720.03 IST: A fast start to the game. 20.01 IST: Swift start from England but a fantastic save from  the goalie keeps them out.20.00 IST: And we are underway.20.00 IST: Look who’s keeping an eye.Good luck team @England ??????? everyone is supporting you at home, give it your all n let’s make history! ??????- Jadon Sancho (@Sanchooo10) October 28, 201719.57 IST: England are ready.Nearly time… ?? England (@England) October 28, 201719.55 IST: The teams. The #YoungLions are unchanged for our seventh and final game at the #FIFAU17WC ??? England (@England) October 28, 2017OFICIAL | XI de Espaa Sub-17 ????: ?lvaro, Mate, Miranda, Hugo, Chust, Antonio, Ferran, Moha, Abel, Csar y Sergio- Seleccin Espaola (@SeFutbol) October 28, 201719.53 IST: FIFA president Gianni Infantino is in the house. 19.52 IST: Just how beautiful is the venue looking?AP Photo19.46 IST: Rhian Brewster’s Liverpool teammate Georginio Wijnaldum is cheering for him to score three hat-tricks in a row.3??3????Can @RhianBrewster9 score three hat-tricks in a row?@LFC team-mate @GWijnaldum hopes so! #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 201719.44 IST: Sol Campbell is at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan to witness the final.The @England maestro @SolManOfficial is here at the VYBK Stadium to address the media #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.38 IST: India U-17 midfielder Abhijit Sarkar has made it to the stadium to watch the final.Look who’s here. Abhijit Sarkar has dropped in to watch the #FIFAU17WC final. #FootballTakesOver Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.31 IST: And from Spain as well. Disfrutad maana la final del Mundial sub 17, es una experiencia increible! Y traeros a Espaa el ttulo que se nos escap en Corea ??? David De Gea (@D_DeGea) October 27, 2017Ilusionados y orgullosos con la @SeFutbol sub17 en la gran final del Mundial de hoy. Estamos con vosotros. #FIFAU17WC Julen Lopetegui (@julenlopetegui) October 28, 201719.30 IST: Wishes pouring in for the Three Lions.Good luck to @England U17s in the #FIFAU17WC final today. Make history lads ????????- Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) October 28, 2017Good luck to @England Under-17s and our young Blues involved in tomorrow’s #FIFAU17WC final! ??????- Gary Cahill (@GaryJCahill) October 27, 2017Good luck to @England U17s in today’s #FIFAU17WC final Let’s hope @RhianBrewster9 keeps his amazing goal-scoring run going! ??????- michael owen (@themichaelowen) October 28, 2017’Hopefully he gets another hat-trick in the final!’@GWijnaldum proud of @RhianBrewster9’s #FIFAU17WC exploits: Liverpool FC (@LFC) October 27, 201719.27 IST: Some respite for the Spanish as well.The @SeFutbol team will have a terrific support tonight from. The stands #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.25 IST: One last match. Kolkata is buzzing.?? ?? ? ??!#FIFAU17WC #FootballTakesOver FIFAHindi ???????? (@FIFAHindi) October 28, 2017A strong message from the football fanatics of Bengal. The eternal rivalry leads to a great brotherhood #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.20 IST: England will be at home by the looks of it.The Eng-Indo bonding is an etetnal bonding #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 2017Fodens and Brewsters are surely going to get a good support at the VYBK Stadium tonight #ENGvESP #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.15 IST: Time for the big one. And fans are gathering slowly.The loudest cheerleader. #FIFAU17WC #FootballTakesOver Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 2017Three generations pose together ahead of the #FIFAU17AWC final in Kolkata. #FootballTakesOver Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.12 IST: Kolkata gives their favourite team perhaps a fantastic send off.A standing ovation for @CBF_Futebol at the VYBK Stadium as they leave the stadium for the last time #BRAvMLI #FIFAU17WC Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 28, 201719.10: Brazil have beaten Mali 2-0 to clinch third place in the U-17 World Cup.FT | #FIFAU17WCPLAY-OFF FOR THIRD PLACE????Brazil 2-0 Mali????Alan & Yuri Alberto on target to clinch third for the South American champions #FIFAU17WC ????????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 2017PREVIEW:England and Spain will have their eyes firmly trained on the history books waiting to christen them as first-time champions of the FIFA U-17 World Cup when the two footballing hotshots renew acquaintances in the hotly-anticipated final on Saturday.ALSO READ: FIFA U-17 World Cup: Kolkata dance to samba tune before all-European final In the first all-European final of this competition, England, who have never gone beyond the quarter-finals and are looking to emulate the U-20 boys, will have revenge on their minds while European champions Spain — runners up thrice — aim to brighten their trophy cabinet with a World Cup crown.??????????????England look to put history behind them when they meet ????Spain in the #FIFAU17WC final?? #FIFAU17WC ???????? (@FIFAcom) October 28, 2017It was only in May this year that Spain colts, known as La Rojita, pipped England 4-1 on penalties to bag the UEFA U-17 European Championships in Croatia.That was the third meeting of the two teams in the final of the European Championships with Spain triumphant in 2007, and the Young Lions exacting revenge three years later.The Spaniards once more emerged victorious in May, but only after a nail-biting climax. England went ahead twice and frittered their advantage, with Spain’s second equaliser coming in the sixth minute of stoppage time. Spain went on to win on penalties.”It’s going to be just as close, as the European Championship final”We hear from ????Spain captain @AbelRuizOrtega #FIFAU17WC ???????? (@FIFAcom) October 27, 2017Cut to India, where England have been perfect leading up to the summit clash, with Spain peaking at the right time, it promises to be a lip-smacking affair at the colossal Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, expected to be packed to the rafters.It has been a landmark year for England so far, who since the Booby Moore led team’s World Cup win in 1966, had failed to achieve any sort of success at the international level.The jinx was broken in June, when the U-20 side lifted the World Cup beating Venezuela in the final.The U-19 team picked up from there, bagging the UEFA European U-19 Championship crown a month later.With Steve Cooper’s side registering a clinical 3-1 victory over three-time champions Brazil in the semi-final here, they became the fourth England youth team to reach a final in the calendar year.Since the 4-0 bossing of Chile in the U-17 tournament opener, England have made it clear who the trailblazers would be.Mexico threatened to rein them in with a quickfire second-half blitz from Diego Lainez while Japan frustrated them even further, dragging the round of 16 game to England’s most dreaded penalties. On both occasions, the boys in white showed composure which Cooper feels belies their age. Iraq were also dealt with 4-0.They were head and shoulders above the US in the quarter-final in Goa — the only game they played out of Kolkata — and dictated a flair-filled Brazil. England are the only team in the tourney to have won all their games leading up to the final.??????Skipper Joel Latibeaudiere taking inspiration from @England’s #U20WC triumph after reaching #FIFAU17WC final ???? #FIFAU17WC ???????? (@FIFAcom) October 25, 2017In Spain though, they face their sternest test yet.Santiago Denia’s boys have gone from strength to strength in the tournament and look unrecognisable from the team that lost the first game to Brazil 1-2 in Kochi.After registering two facile wins over Niger and Korea DPR in Group D to qualify for the knockout stages, Spain underlined their title credentials with a strong 2-1 performance against in-form France.TIME TO MAKE HISTORY! ?? World Cup final ? England ?? Spain ?? 28/10/17 ?? 16.30h. ?? @Gol #? #FIFAU17WC Seleccin Espaola (@SeFutbol) October 28, 2017They bettered their showing against Iran who had defeated Germany 4-0 in the preliminary round and in the semis, sent Mali packing 3-1.At the heart of their display was skipper Abel Ruiz who led from the front.Scoring six goals in six games, the FC Barcelona youth striker alongwith Valencia’s Ferran Torres, who plays down the right channel, and Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder Cesar Gelabert form a formidable trio up front for Spain.Squads:England: Curtis Anderson, Josef Bursik, William Crelin; Timothy Eyoma, Joel Latibeaudiere, Marc Guehi, Jonathan Panzo, Lewis Gibson, Steven Sessegnon, Morgan Gibbs White, Tashan Oakley Boothe; Conor Gallagher, Angel Gomes, Nya Kirby, George McEachran; Callum Hudson Odoi, Philip Foden, Emile Smith Rowe, Rhian Brewster, Danny LoaderSpain: Alvaro Fernandez, Mateu Jaume, Juan Miranda, Hugo Guillamon, Victor Chust, Antonio Blanco, Ferran Torres, Mohamed Moukhliss, Abel Ruiz, Sergio Gomez, Nacho Diaz, Pedro Ruiz, Marc Vidal, Alvaro Garcia, Eric Garcia, Diego Pampin, Jose Lara, Cesar Gelabert, Carlos Beitia, Victor Perea, Alfonso Pastor.last_img read more

IPL 2019: Virat Kohli eyes first points for RCB in milestone match

first_imgVirat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore have had a horror start to their Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 season, losing all of three matches so far. RCB’s campaign got off to the worst possible start as they were bowled out for just 70 on a rank-turner in Chennai and they have struggled to gain any momentum so far.RCB lost a tight contest against Mumbai Indians at home, showing signs of improvement but the optimism was short-lived as they were bowled out for 113 after conceding 231 to Sunrisers Hyderabad in their third match on Sunday in Hyderabad.Virat Kohli and his men are in desperate need of a win as they face Rajasthan Royals, who are also winless after three matches, in Jaipur on Tuesday.RCB though will be hoping for a change in fortunes in Virat Kohli’s milestone match. Kohli will only become the third captain in IPL history after MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir to play as captain in 100 matches when he takes the field on Tuesday at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium.RCB will be boosted by the availability of Australian all-rounders Marcus Stoinis and Nathan Coulter-Nile who have joined the squad on the back of a successful ODI series campaign in the United Arab Emirates against Pakistan.Kohli’s ordinary record against Rajasthan RoyalsHowever, Virat Kohli’s record against Rajasthan Royals over the years should be a cause for concern. His batting average against the Royals in 21.26 — the lowest against all teams in IPL.Kohli hasn’t started the season on a good note as he has been dismissed twice for single-digit scores in three matches.advertisementNonetheless, RCB should take heart from their record against Rajasthan Royals away from home. The Bengaluru-based franchise has beaten the former champions four times on the road. However, in 2018, on Royals’ return to the league, RCB were beaten by 30 runs after Karnataka spinners Shreyas Gopal and Krishnappa Gowtham ran through their batting order.Also Read | 4 wickets or 5 wickets against Delhi Capitals? Sam Curran is not sureAlso Read | Sam Curran, KXIP’s most expensive foreign player of IPL 2019, gives team new dimensionAlso See:last_img read more

Rules for Community Renewable Projects Finalized

first_imgNova Scotia communities can begin preparing applications to take advantage of the province’s plan to encourage locally produced, renewable electricity projects. The project standards were released today, July 26, after a five-week public consultation. “Community groups from across the province are eager to get going with this opportunity,” said Energy Minister Charlie Parker. “With these directives in hand, they can start preparing their applications.” The standards detail small-wind project specifications and ensure the opportunities are fairly distributed around the province. They also define eligible biomass sources. Nova Scotia’s 2010 Renewable Electricity Plan calls for 40 per cent of the province’s electricity to be generated from renewable sources such as wind, biomass and tidal energy by 2020. A portion of that target has been set aside for small projects, to be developed by municipalities, Mi’kmaq bands and other community groups through the world’s first Community Feed-In Tariff program. Last month, the Utility and Review Board set fixed rates for electricity generated by such projects. The rates will be finalized this summer. “The plan is to start accepting applications Sept. 19,” Mr. Parker. “Groups interested in pursuing this should register at so that department staff can help them start preparing their applications over the summer.” The feed-in tariff program will be reviewed in 18 months.last_img read more

Floodravaged Honduras remains fragile UN reports

5 November 2008The situation in flood-inundated Honduras remains fragile, with rains increasing the risk of further landslides in new areas, the United Nations’ humanitarian arm reported today. Some parts of the Central American nation are still only accessible by air, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).Heavy rains brought on by a tropical depression last month caused rivers to swell and change course in some areas.The Honduran Government said that over 250,000 people have been affected, with more than 40,000 residing in shelters. The death toll stands at 34, with 16 people missing.Last week, UN agencies and their non-governmental organisation (NGO) partners launched a $17 million appeal to provide food, shelter, health care, water and sanitation over the next six months to some 270,000 people.OCHA announced today that only 8 per cent of the funding target has been met, and although there are no severe food security issues, the next harvest has been damaged.The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has released a $1.5 million grant, while a UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team has completed its work and left Honduras.Meanwhile, neighbouring Guatemala – where 24,000 families have been affected and at least 5,000 houses damaged or destroyed – formally requested UN assistance yesterday.In 16 departments, health, water and sanitation, food, protection and agriculture are priority areas.The UN and its partners are scheduled to wrap up a two-day assessment today and will prepare a CERF application for funds. read more

Valeant shares retreat from 2017 high amid broad decline on North American

LAVAL, Que. — Valeant Pharmaceuticals hit a short-lived high for the year early Thursday after the company completed the sale of its Dendreon subsidiary for US$819.9 million cash.The Quebec-based drugmaker (TSX:VRX) traded as high as $23.75 after markets opened, about six per cent above where it closed Wednesday, but later gave up its gains amid a broad-based decline on the Toronto and New York stock markets.Its shares were briefly below Wednesday’s closing price of $22.41 at midday, while the S&P/TSX composite index was down more than 100 points.The stock has been climbing since April 21 when Valeant closed at $11.45, as investors have gained confidence in the company’s ability to reduce its debt.Proceeds from the sale of Dendreon Pharmaceuticals to China-based Sanpower Group will be used to repay a term loan.Valeant’s shares remain far below their value two year ago, when they traded for more than $300 per share for several weeks before they plunged amid questions about the sales it generated through online pharmacy Philidor Rx Services. read more

Markets update at midmorning

On the markets at midmorning (ET):The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index was up 17.48 points to 15,219.58, after 90 minutes of trading.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 17.70 points to 21,981.62. The S&P 500 index was down 8.35 points to 2,468.00 and the Nasdaq composite index was down 38.95 points to 6,323.99.The Canadian dollar was trading at 79.54 cents US, up from Tuesday’s average price of 79.91 cents US.The September crude contract was down 30 cents to US$48.86 per barrel and the September natural gas contract was unchanged at US$2.82 per mmBTU.The December gold contract was down $2.80 to US$1,276.60 an ounce and the September copper contract was down one cent to US$2.87 a pound. read more

The Latest US aware Turkey taking Russian missile system

ANKARA, Turkey — The Latest on Russian missile systems arriving in Turkey (all times local):6:55 p.m.The acting U.S. secretary of defence says Washington is aware that Turkey has begun taking delivery of a Russian-made S-400 air defence system.Mark Esper, who is expected to be officially nominated next week to be defence secretary, told reporters at the Pentagon that the U.S. remains unwilling to allow Turkey to acquire the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter, as long as it has the S-400.Esper said he planned to speak to his Turkish counterpart later in the day, and that the Pentagon would have more to say about the dispute afterward.The Trump administration has repeatedly told Turkey that it will be cut off from the F-35 fighter program if it buys Russian air defences, because the S-400 is incompatible with NATO defences and could jeopardize sensitive information about F-35 technologies.___10:50 a.m.Turkey’s Defence Ministry says the first shipment of a Russian missile defence system has arrived in Turkey, a development that could move the country closer to U.S. sanctions.The ministry said the first delivery of the S-400 air defence systems arrived on Friday at an air base near the capital, Ankara.The United States has warned Turkey it will face economic sanctions if it goes ahead with the purchase of a Russian missile defence system. It has also said Turkey won’t be allowed to participate in the program to produce the high-tech F-35 fighter jets.Turkey has refused to bow to U.S. pressure, insisting that choosing which equipment to purchase is a matter of national sovereignty.v?z??:?:The Associated Press read more

Ahead of end of UN forum participation of indigenous people in development

As the 2016 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues prepares to close tomorrow, three participants in the session today underscored the importance of solidifying the participation of indigenous peoples in UN mechanisms to ensure that they are not left behind in the achievement of sustainable development targets. At a press conference at UN Headquarters in New York this afternoon, Alvaro Esteban Pop Ac, Chair of the Forum, highlighted that participants at the body’s 15th session – which opened on 9 May – had thus far heard more than 1,000 presentations by Member States and indigenous peoples. He noted that among the most significant topics discussed during the session were peace and conflict resolution, the issue of children and women in situations of violence, and the persecution of leaders involved in conflicts over land and natural resources. “These are fundamental aspects of any negotiation and any region in the pursuit of resolutions and peace therein,” Mr. Pop stressed.Also speaking at the press conference was Forum Member Joan Carling, who noted that next year will mark the 10-year anniversary of the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. “It will be a critical year in terms of reviewing what has been achieved,” she said, adding that discussions at next year’s Forum will revolve around how further implementation of the Declaration can be achieved. In that vein, she stressed the importance of UN funds and programmes to support legislative action for the Declaration’s inclusion in national laws and policies. Ms. Carling also said that discussions at this year’s Forum had made it “very clear” that many indigenous peoples are not aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which therefore indicates a need for outreach and awareness-raising on the issue. Another crucial element involves incorporating specific targets and indicators relating to indigenous peoples into the SDGs, although in this sense she noted the lack of data disaggregation as a factor impeding the measurement of progress towards meeting any specific targets. Also speaking today was Jacob Bryan K. Aki, a 21-year-old youth advocate, who emphasized that the session had discussed important issues and messages on how to better the lives of indigenous peoples, which he and other youth members would take back to their respective countries. “We come here, we learn, and the work doesn’t stop,” said Mr. Aki, who added that the session had served to propel youth advocates, including him, to return home to work with their families and communities for positive advancements for indigenous peoples. In response to a question regarding an expected outcome document for the session, Mr. Pop said that document would include three recommendations, including a strong call to Member States for the pursuit of peace and resolutions in moments of conflict; an invitation to Member States to develop an evaluation regarding compliance towards the UN Declaration on its 10-year anniversary; and a request for the Security Council to take up issues related to indigenous women. read more

Mens Hockey Ohio State eyes redemption in Final Four faceoff against MinnesotaDuluth

Ohio State redshirt junior goalie Sean Romeo (30) prepares to stop a Badger shot in the first period of the game against Wisconsin on Feb. 23 in the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorFew people gave the Ohio State men’s hockey team a chance to come out of its region when the NCAA men’s hockey tournament field was announced in early March. Despite capturing the top seed in the Midwest region, Ohio State was not viewed as the favorite by experts, who flocked to pick the defending national champion, Denver, to emerge as regional champions.No other motivation was needed.Ohio State rode that chip on its shoulder all the way to a Frozen Four appearance, its first since 1998 and second in program history. It might be surprising to some, but not to sophomore forward Tanner Laczynski, who is eager to prove the doubters wrong yet again.“A lot of people overlooked us, even though we are a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament,” Laczynski said. “We go up against a team like Denver, who is highly touted. But to put five up on them and to only give up one, I think that’s unbelievable. It says a lot about our team. I think moving forward, teams are going to have to worry about us, not the other way around.”Ohio State (26-9-5) will battle the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs (23-16-3) in the first game of the Frozen Four at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a national championship berth on the line. It will be broadcast on ESPN2.Minnesota Duluth enters the game as the West regional champion, having defeated Minnesota State and Air Force en route to its second consecutive Frozen Four appearance. Ohio State arrives in St. Paul having blasted Princeton and Denver by a combined score of 9-3. Last year, the Bulldogs dispatched the Buckeyes in a 3-2 overtime decision in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The Buckeyes have a chance to avenge the loss they endured a year ago, all while heading to a possible first-ever national championship on Saturday. “Anytime you lose in a big tournament, you are going to remember it,” Laczynski said. “Not very many people get this opportunity to play the same team again in the NCAA tournament. I think that’s awesome for us, to get that revenge and that redemption.”Redemption won’t come easy for the Buckeyes. Not against a talented Bulldog team that had five underclassmen represent the United States in the World Junior Hockey Championship.  Freshmen defensemen Scott Perunovich, Mikey Anderson and Dylan Samberg could be difference-makers on the blue line for the Bulldogs, while sophomore forwards Riley Tufte and Joey Anderson can make teams pay with their size and speed up front. Perunovich leads his team in points with 36, and Tufte has a team-high 16 goals.Ohio State redshirt junior goalie Sean Romeo will likely see Tufte and Anderson in his crease come Thursday. However, Romeo has plenty of experience matched up against talented teams and players in the Big Ten, a conference with three teams in the Frozen Four.“They’re a good team. I watched a little bit of them play against Air Force,” Romeo said. “They’re a skilled team, they got a lot of offensive power, but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen all year, so I know our defense will be ready and I’m excited for the challenge.”The Buckeyes will need all lines and defensive pairs to contribute in a time of year when teams rely on their depth to spark things offensively.Ohio State has received that early in the NCAA tournament from senior forwards Christian Lampasso and Kevin Miller. Miller had three goals, and Lampasso added three assists in the Midwest regional weekend. Jobst said depth players like those two are vital to any team’s championship aspirations. “I think it gives us a lot of confidence. It shows the depth of our team,” Jobst said. “We were getting goals from guys that are seniors that we need to contribute to win a national championship and I’m sure it gives those guys confidence feeling really good going into this weekend.”Confidence throughout the lineup has been a recipe for success for the Buckeyes. It would be easy for the emotions and nerves to get the best of the Buckeyes on such a big stage. Ohio State head coach Steve Rohlik offered a simple message to his team.“Go out there, be who we are, that’s why we are here,” Rohlik said. “Trying to control those emotions at the same time going out there and playing our best game, that’s the balance and that’s the magic.” read more

Less Madness More Chalk

The first two days of March Madness came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. On Thursday, two of the first three games in the men’s tournament featured major upsets, with No. 14 seeds UAB and Georgia State defeating No. 3 seeds Iowa State and Baylor. Those games were enough to ruin more than 99 percent of people’s prefect brackets.Then No. 6 Southern Methodist lost to No. 11 UCLA on a terrible goaltending call. And No. 7 seed VCU lost to No. 10 Ohio State (although Ohio State had been favored according to Vegas odds and the FiveThirtyEight forecast).But that was pretty much it. In fact, the better seed won 23 consecutive games on Thursday evening and Friday until No. 11 Dayton finally beat No. 6 Providence late Friday night. (That game wasn’t much of an upset either: Dayton had a 49 percent chance per the FiveThirtyEight model.) Somehow No. 5 seeds even avoided their historic “curse,” going 4-0. Upset magic dissipated into a cloud of chalk.So where does 2015 rank historically? Is it an upset that there were so few upsets?I came up with a quick way to score upsets in the round of 64 in men’s tournaments since 1985, when the field expanded to 64 teams. Every time the inferior seed wins, it accumulates “upset points” based on the difference in seeding. (See the footnote for more detail.1More technically, upset points are based on the typical power ratings associated with each seed. On average, for instance, No. 4 seeds have a power rating 8 or 9 points better than No. 13 seeds, which means they’d be favored by 8 or 9 points on a neutral court. That translates into the No. 13 seed having a 79 percent chance of being defeated. When the inferior seed wins, its number of upset points is calculated as its probability of losing minus 50 percent. So when a No. 13 seed beats a No. 4, it gets 29 upset points (a 79 percent chance of losing minus 50 percent), for example.) The more unlikely an upset, the more upset points. When a No. 9 seed beats a No. 8, it gets just 2 upset points. But a No. 16 would score 49 upset points for beating a No. 1 (something that’s never happened in the men’s tournament.)This year, underdogs scored 105 upset points in the round of 64:No. 14 UAB got 37 upset points for beating Iowa StateNo. 14 Georgia State got 37 points for beating BaylorNo. 11 UCLA got 12 points for beating SMUNo. 11 Dayton got 12 points for beating ProvidenceNo. 10 Ohio State got 7 points for beating VCUThis total is below average, especially by the standard of recent tournaments. Last year, there were 130 upset points in the round of 64. In 2012 and 2013, there were 195 and 192, respectively, the highest totals since the tournament expanded to 64 teams. However, this year’s tournament hasn’t been an outlier, by any means. The first round of the 2000 tournament featured just 26 upset points, while 2007 had just 30.In theory, we might expect to see upsets increase as parity increases in the men’s game and the differences between the teams becomes smaller. And it might not be so surprising that there have been fewer of them in this year’s tournament, which bucked the trend toward greater parity.But the NCAA has also made one move to reduce the number of upsets: It’s gotten better about seeding the teams correctly. The FiveThirtyEight model had the inferior seed favored in only 3 of the 32 games between Thursday and Friday, as did Las Vegas odds.2In fact, the FiveThirtyEight model and Vegas had the same favorite in all 32 games. So while real upsets like UAB over Iowa State may be increasing, “fake upsets” like Ohio State over VCU are on the wane.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness predictions. read more

Man charged with murder of pregnant woman and babys manslaughter

A 25-year-old man has been charged with the murder of heavily pregnant Kelly Mary Fauvrelle and the manslaughter of her baby son Riley, Scotland Yard has said.Ms Fauvrelle was eight months’ pregnant when she was killed in the bedroom of her home in Raymead Avenue, Thornton Heath, London, in the early hours of June 29.The 26-year-old’s baby son – who was named Riley by family members after he was delivered by paramedics – died in hospital on July 3.Aaron McKenzie, 25, of Peckham Park Road, Peckham, was arrested on Thursday and taken to a central London police station.Scotland Yard said early on Sunday that he had also been charged with one count of possession of an offensive weapon.The attack took place in Ms Fauvrelle’s bedroom while her whole family was at home and relatives heard her screams at around 3.30am.Two men had previously been arrested on suspicion of murder.One, aged 37, was released with no further action, and a second, aged 29, has been released on bail until early August.McKenzie is due to appear in Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court on Monday. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Watch Failsafe tech keeps drone flying even when damaged

first_imgWHILE WE’RE STILL a long way from seeing drones becoming common place, those who might be worried about them malfunctioning and crashing can rest easy.The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has created an automatic failsafe that allows a quadrocopter drone to recover from the loss of a propeller or motor failure.An failsafe algorithm allows it to detect anything wrong with the drone automatically, allowing it to recover and stay in the air.The drone can then land safely without harming either itself, any cargo it may be carrying or anyone who happens to be close by. Without the failsafe, the drone falls straight to the ground.The technology used to achieve this is patent pending, but such experiments will come in useful should drones ever become popular. (Video: Mark Muller/YouTube)The project is part of the Flying Machine Arena project and supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.Read: Google challenges Amazon drones with its own robots >Read: Paper airplanes get an upgrade with smartphone-powered engine >last_img read more

Deputy minister gets egged

first_imgA young woman was detained by police in Rethymno, Crete, after throwing an egg at Deputy Citizens’ Protection Minister Manolis Othonas, last week. Othonas had been attending an athletics gathering in the northern port. The egg hit him on the back, prompting members of his security team to react. The woman, who reportedly threw the egg while shouting anti-austerity slogans, was arrested without offering up any resistance, according to police. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Un service de musique Facebook le 22 septembre

first_imgUn service de musique Facebook le 22 septembre ?Selon les dernières informations, le réseau social s’apprêterait à lancer un service d’écoute de musique dans le courant du mois de septembre.Facebook continue de se développer et d’étendre ses services aux internautes. Ainsi, la prochaine nouveauté de la star des réseaux sociaux pourrait bien résider en un service d’écoute de musique, dont le lancement pourrait se faire le 22 septembre lors de sa conférence annuelle f8, explique CNBC relayé par Zdnet. Déjà évoqué en mai dernier, ce service de musique se composerait de plusieurs offres existantes.À lire aussi”Trash Tag Challenge” : le défi utile qui incite Twitter et Instagram à nettoyer la planèteSelon les rumeurs, Facebook se serait alors allié à des partenaires tels que Spotify, Rdio et MOG pour lancer son futur service. “Plutôt que de concurrencer les services existants, la plateforme de musique Facebook pourrait en fait doper l’audience de ceux qui proposent un service gratuit financé par la publicité”, analyse CNBC. Les internautes pourraient ainsi écouter des chansons sur le site, qui servira de plateforme aux différents services de musique en ligne, précise le site Mashable, citant des sources proches du dossier. Pour l’heure, Facebook, a refusé tout commentaire indiquant qu’il n’y avait “rien de nouveau à annoncer”, cite l’AFP. Mais déjà irritées par les offres déjà existantes, les majors du disque risquent de ne pas apprécier ce service offert par le réseau social à ses 750 millions d’utilisateurs…Le 1 septembre 2011 à 18:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Free Mobile Companion lappli pour suivre sa consommation

first_imgFree Mobile Companion: l’appli pour suivre sa consommationUne application iPhone, Free Mobile Companion rend possible l’accès au suivi de leur compte client. Il s’agit d’une option payante, vendue 1,59 euros sur l’App Store.Un développeur indépendant propose une application iPhone / iPad permettant aux abonnés Free Mobile de suivre leur consommation. Vendue 1,59 euros sur l’App Store, l’application (non officielle) Free Mobile Companion offrira l’accès au suivi du compte client.Cette application propose donc de simplifier l’accès au compte client des abonnés Free Mobile aux utilisateurs d’iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Le descriptif de l’application indique : “avec Free Mobile Companion, vous accédez au suivi conso de votre forfait Free Mobile (1h ou illimité), ainsi que le suivi de la commande de la carte sim (date de portabilité, étapes de validation, etc…)”. Les données liées à la conversation orale, aux SMS ou à la data consommée sont par ailleurs consultables.L’auteur de l’application, Julien Revert, explique qu’il n’a aucun lien avec Iliad ou Free Mobile et explique que le programme “va consulter le site Free Mobile en https”. Le problème rencontré par cette application est cependant que lorsque le suivi de consommation de Free Mobile est mis à jour, l’application doit également faire l’objet d’une mise à jour. Ensuite, il faut attendre la validation de l’App Store, parfois longue. Mais une version 1.0.1 est déjà proposée pour s’adapter aux modifications apportées par l’opérateur.A noter que des applications similaires existent pour Android. Le 15 février 2012 à 20:00 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Real Estate Movies Retail VR Is Exploding The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Are

first_img Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals June 22, 2017 7 min readcenter_img The first time I watched an alien newborn claw its way out of a human’s belly — with blood and guts gushing — was 38 years ago, in a Boston cinema. The movie, of course, was Ridley Scott’s Alien, and I was so tense and unhinged at the uber-violent, boundary-pushing scene that I practically broke my boyfriend’s arm.Alien Covenant, the newest in the popular sci-fi franchise, is pushing boundaries again. On Wednesday, virtual reality — that wild, wacky technology — allowed me to watch a short promo for the film depicting, with 360-degree views, an alien birth from the alien’s perspective.This time, little alien arms, viewed from inside the birth sac, tore through the flesh. Internal organs rebelled. And the unfortunate human host — more blood and guts gushing — collapsed dead on a table. Eww…Related: 12 Amazing Uses of Virtual RealityThis promo, courtesy of hardware company AMD and Fox, was just one of some two dozen VR experiences available at The Art of VR conference happening today and tomorrow (June 22-23) at Sotheby’s in New York. While cinematic “storytelling” experiences certainly dominated, the enthusiastic young exhibitors and their headsets offered more than a hint of big, big opportunities ahead for entrepreneurs — creative and commercial alike — smart enough to be paying attention.”The big accounting firms are indicating that the growth rate in VR, whether it’s content creation or hardware, is probably 50 percent a year,” Jim Chabin, president of the event’s sponsoring Advanced Imaging Society, said during an interview. “My background is in television — I was at CBS and in entertainment. If you’re in the entertainment industry, let’s face it: People are cutting their cable cords; primetime television doesn’t attract the audiences it used to; there are only so many people going to the movies.”It’s not like we’re inventing more moviegoers,” he continued. “So virtual reality, augmented reality will be used in industry, will be used by medical, will be used by travel, the restaurant industry, the real estate industry, travel business and the entertainment industry.”The virtual reality industry is still small, acknowledged Chabin, a past president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, vs. its rather saturated movie and TV industry forerunners. Half of the VR community, he says, are companies with five or fewer employees working on their debut VR offerings.”The number of people working in VR and AR, we think, will double every year at least,” he said. “We think it’s a 10-year build-out for this industry. So if that’s an area to which you devote your efforts, you have a decade of solid growth [ahead].”Chabin’s message — of entrepreneurs not being “left behind,” of the terms “virtual reality” and “augmented reality” coming up more and more in client conversations, of opportunities galore — was echoed by the entrepreneurs demonstrating their VR wares at the event.Kevin Mack, a past Oscar winner for visual effects (What Dreams May Come, 1998) and, more recently, the founder of the VR art company Zen Parade, described his 2-and-a-half-year-old company as equal parts art and commerce. “I’m interested in aesthetics but also altering consciousness in positive ways,” Mack said. “What I make is both fine art and entertainment, but we’re also using it for therapy and medicine.”Related: Virtual Reality Is About to Change Your BusinessMack’s 3D sculptures — viewed via a headset and resembling shiny globs of acrylic paint on canvas, floating in space in a kind of spacious airy world — are almost a meditative experience. According to Mack, his art has been used as a hypno-analgesic to treat pain and anxiety for patients undergoing awake brain surgery, and it’s more effective than traditional applications, he says.That’s why he’s aiming to get drug companies and medical companies on board. “We’re finding our biggest opportunities for the near future are going to be location-based entertainment arcades as well as the medical industry,” Mack said.Those arcades came up by others such as Larry Jones, CEO of Blackthorn Media, whose Dragonflight VR experience had people lining up at a press briefing to “fly” on a dragon’s back, a la Game of Thrones’s Khaleesi. Jones spoke of the franchise company VR Junkies, whose franchisees are setting up quick and relatively cheap storefronts.”Where the market is right now is about games,” Jones said. But movie-style storytelling, he said, is coming on the VR scene more and more. That’s how his 2-year-old company has attracted six Academy Award nominees (and one winner). “We’re taking the imagery and expertise you have with something like [the movie] Life of Pi and putting it into a game,” he said. “It’s kind of like crazy. Crazy good.”The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) also has attracted some high-powered interest. “We have an advisor who’s a really well-known filmmaker,” CEO Guy Primus divulged: “Steven Spielberg.”VRC’s website contains stills from its Art of VR offering, Rukus, a 12-minute family friendly animated VR experience, in which two preteens and their dog travel to a world populated by dinosaurs. Viewers have an extra experience here: Their chairs rumble and vibrate according to the action on the screen. Those motion seats come via the Montreal company D-box (whose vice president, Richard LaBerge, pointed out, “The body has to participate to make it a real virtual reality”). Primus said that 3-year-old VRC is following a theatrical model, where Rukus and other short VR films are being offered, in a premium experience, in theaters for a short time, followed by home release for Sony PlayStation, Oculus VR and other devices. Also coming down the line is a “warehouse” model, where multiple people interact with VR through arcades and popular outlets such as Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.Related: 7 New Opportunities Virtual Reality May CreateThe VR industry is young, it’s entrepreneurial and it’s hot, Primus and other exhibitors at the conference said over and over. They described, among its many applications, VR for real estate home buyers, oil rig fire-prevention training and retail purchases (which Amazon is already incorporating).Not surprisingly, large companies as well as small ones are at the Art of VR event: USA Today showed off its VR offering, an F-18 jet launch off the USS Eisenhower, while Intel — in association with Positron — presented a prelude to its VR movie Le Musk.”For me, as an entrepreneur trying to take the next step, the next media, it’s about VR,” said Jones, the Blackthorn CEO. “There is an industry thirsty for great content, vs. an industry saturated by great content. It’s not about managing decline [like] in digital television and television, where the audience is spread out so far. VR is about managing growth.”And it’s all about growth.” Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more