Our province at national leisure agriculture’s first five star

recently, Xining Xiang fun farming culture ecological park smoothly through the layers of screening, was named "national five star leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites", this is the first in our province to become the national "five star" demonstration park of rural tourism.

8 at the end of this year, the State Department of agriculture responsible person to carry out work on the five-star rustic garden, on the countryside interesting cultural park full of praise, think Xining Xiang fun farming culture ecological garden highlights Qinghai Hehuang Culture Park, strong local flavor and excellent heritage of the characteristics of Hehuang culture, science, management and park location specification, development potential, driving ability, can be used as domestic leisure agriculture and rural tourism model. In commenting on a few days later, the Ministry of agriculture on notification letter, Xiang Qu Yuan has passed the selection, Qinghai has become the first five star leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites, and the "five star", the entire northwest only three. read more

Municipal Public Security Bureau held a report on the implementation of the people’s police core val

In May 11th, the public security organs to practice the core values of people’s police in Xining city view deeds report will be held successfully in the special police detachment on the eighth floor conference room

5 month 11 days, the public security organs to fulfill the people’s police core value concept Xining deeds report will be held successfully in the special police detachment on the eighth floor conference room. The director of the Political Department of politics and Law Committee Wang Ping, Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Li Wei, the Political Department of the Provincial Public Security Department of personnel director Li Guosheng, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions Zhang Le, the city spiritual civilization office deputy director Huang Tingcheng, municipal chuangxianzhengyou leading Group Office of Qi, municipal committee team construction director Song Wenjun, municipal people’s Congress the Municipal Public Security Bureau, specially invited Wang Furong, a member of the CPPCC, the Municipal Public Security Bureau specially invited Lu Chenghui, deputy director of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda department director Zhang Lei, municipal public security bureau Party Committee, Li Lianming, Wang Xiaohua, municipal public security bureau Party committee, discipline committee Zhao Weimin and other leaders to listen to the live report. Municipal Public Security Bureau Party committee, the Political Department of the yuan Chun as the leader of the report on the deeds of advanced speech. read more

More than half of the time more than half of the task Summary of the province’s economic operation

2016 is the "13th Five-Year" planning beginning this year, our province is faced with the economic new normal, the depth of the adjustment and transformation of the key year.

first half of the year, in the face of continued downward pressure perplexing economic situation and economy, provincial government to further implement the central deployment of a series of major decisions, adhere to the ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, focus on "the four overall strategic layout, and actively promote the supply side structural reforms to tackle tough, the first half of the year. The province’s economy has maintained steady, steady progress, the overall structure for the good development trend, to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task". read more

Datong County ndustrial and commercial bureau to carry out food safety special rectification work

in order to strengthen the school and the surrounding food market supervision, protection of primary and middle school students’ physical and mental health, to further improve the work of Datong County Campus and surrounding environment, according to the province to strengthen food safety teleconference spirit, combined with the actual situation of Datong County, county industrial and commercial Bureau organized the schools and the surrounding food safety special rectification work.

During the rectification of read more

The Huangzhong debate on efficiency construction

November 12th, Huangzhong County, the effectiveness of the construction of "how can I do" debate finals, the County Education Bureau team and the Republican team for the championship. In the game, the pros and cons of the effectiveness of the construction should be re education or re practice, elaborated their respective views. Debaters or Yinjingjudian, or to the actual work of the examples, the whole process can be described as the debate debate, constantly exciting. After evaluation, Huangzhong County Bureau of education team won. The day of the game, the delegation of Tsinghua University and the Huangzhong provincial government delegation held an exchange game, the two sides on the effectiveness of the construction of the system for the first constraint or self restraint for the start of the fierce debate. The debate, not only shows the Huangzhong county Party cadres rich knowledge, active careful thinking and positive spirit, passing the positive energy of youth, the majority of Party members and cadres to participate in the activities of a profound understanding of the importance and necessity of strengthening the construction of administrative efficiency, by education and enlightenment. It is understood that since the Huangzhong county to carry out the work performance of the construction of the party and government organs, the rectification, revealing some problems and deficiencies, and the level of service consciousness of Party and government organizations at all levels to further improve the work style of the party members and cadres to further improve the party and government affairs, to further optimize the environment, improve the satisfaction of the masses.   read more

The opening of the fourth China nternational Conference on training and health of DOPA Plateau

the Fourth International Conference on the training and health of dopa in China in August 3rd at the national plateau sports training base in Qinghai.

this seminar jointly organized by the Chinese Institute of sports science and Sports Bureau of Qinghai Province, the theme of the forum is "· · plateau; training; health", will demonstrate and share the current training and plateau plateau international health theory and practice research, the world cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas for future development trend; with the domestic and foreign challenges, altitude training and health science research field and countermeasures discussion exchange; to further strengthen global cooperation and integration, altitude training field and breakthrough, promote to solve health major scientific problems and key techniques in the establishment and play a positive role in the formation of altitude training and health research system. read more

The United States and the United States Qinghai tourism boom surge

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Tibet…… Great beauty Qinghai reputation throughout the country. From the beginning of March this year, our province in the country and set off a field of tourism brand publicity boom. The provincial tourism department "zounanchuangbei", to go out, please come in the way, invite tourists to Qinghai.
to create beautiful Qinghai tourism brand, enhance the core competitiveness of the great beauty of Qinghai tourism brand, from March to May, the Provincial Tourism Bureau will have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei and other large tourist market in Qinghai bus stop advertising color as the theme, in product development, brand building, to promote consumption, improve service is the main path to promote the rapid development of the great beauty of Qinghai tourism brand building health, promote ecological civilization tourism and plateau tourism province construction.

read more

Xining North District Governance dust do 5 100%

construction site Weidang 100%, 100% road hardening, the demolition project 100% sprinkler, sediment transport vehicles 100% wheel body rinse and closed, not the development of site 100% is green or even on the cover, north of the city of Xining city district governance to increase transit vehicles to road dust and construction site dust pollution intensity, the area of air the effective control of dust.

north of Xining City area within the jurisdiction of the two transit roads, large vehicles passing through the past will take up a lot of dust, not only increased the difficulty of road cleaning cleaning, but also to clean up the two dust. In order to suppress road dust, recently, the north area of the purchase of 2 sets of road sweeping cleaning vehicles, focusing on cleaning area and key pollution sections, strengthen the cleaning frequency, by cleaning and cleaning machine with powerful, achieve timely, rapid and effective cleaning purpose in the shortest time. Under the condition of dry climate, the cleaning range of the sweeper is reduced, and the number of road sprinkling dust is increased, and the two dust pollution is avoided. read more

The Belt and Road will reproduce the bustling Qinghai Road

Belt and Road Initiative "is an important strategic country seeking to open a new pattern, Qinghai is mainly relying on the development of export-oriented economy. This year, combined with the construction of Qinghai province tourism and ecological civilization tourism year "theme, I will raise the overall level of development and opening of Qinghai tourism industry, to expand regional cooperation along the Silk Road and the tourist market, build regional tourism brand. Run Qinghai Culture Tourism Festival "," Silk Road "of Qinghai folk songs activities along the the Yellow River tourism market, step on the promotion of high-end tourism conference, forum and other activities, to promote the" The Belt and Road tourism development.
Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron so that the Silk Road Tour more convenient read more