Is this the new PNC tactic?

first_imgDear Editor,General Elections must be held in Guyana, I repeat, General Elections is mandated for this nation by March 31, 2019, and true to form, the PNC and their thug machinery are coming up with these what I would call, new tactics. Well, it is not a totally new exercise because the moment elections are to be held in this country, there is bound to be a sudden upsurge in crime and criminal activity of some sort from the well-known PNC machinery and ‘blame it on The PPP/C’ sort of thing.This is a known strategy of theirs. Criminal activities of a certain kind destined to create fear and instability at election time are bound to show up in Guyana, period! We have grown accustomed to these things.Anytime the PNC has to face the electorate, things of this nature surfaces; the only thing this time is that they seem to have adopted another strategy, that is, trying to put PPP or PPP/C persons in the criminal spotlight. Trying to put the blame on the PPP for the instability in society and divert people’s attention from the real issue at hand, which is an imminent election. Hence, we question claims that the niece of a Former PPP Member of Parliament is planning to bomb the University of Guyana.It is rather odd that a student of the said institution would want to blow it up. The timing and the person who is said to have made those calls are highly suspect incidents that call for the most careful scrutiny ever. And even if we are tempted to believe this, the timing of this bomb threat has given them away. Why when an election is due would you get such a threat and from a PPP person? Who would want to believe this? All of the events leading up to this story has a PNC copyrighted script written all over it.They are trying their utmost to hang on to power while emasculating the Constitution and creating panic and confusion at the same time.What is even more revealing is the fact that her full name, Sheliza Jaferally, relation to a former PPP/C Member of Parliament as well as her photograph are splashed in bold all across the Government mouthpiece, Guyana Chronicle. This is pure bullyism. It shows how desperate these people are at diversionary tactics.In the first place, persons who have committed the most dastardly of deeds, even murder, are not treated this way so this latest bomb threat by a harmless student speaks volumes of the desperation campaign the PNC are waging at this time.So the PNC in their bid to hang on to power is pressing the panic button, bringing back the fear factor in society just before another election.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img

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