Gardner Pinfold To Review Gas Regulations

first_imgGardner Pinfold Consulting Economists has been selected to review gasoline and diesel fuel regulation in Nova Scotia, said Jamie Muir, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations today, Jan. 8. “Gardner Pinfold’s experience in the oil and gas industry in general, along with specific knowledge of the Nova Scotia marketplace, makes the firm the best choice to conduct the review,” said Mr. Muir. The review will examine factors that impact the policy goals of regulation, stability of consumer prices, support for gas stations, especially those in rural areas, as well as the cost of regulation for consumers and government. It will also assess the pricing model and recommend any improvements as part of assessing whether the policy is meeting objectives. The estimated cost of the review is $132,000 and the final report is to delivered to the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Affairs by April 1. After review, it will be released to the public.last_img

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