Weekend murder of Hamilton teen

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 (Update)We now have the latest on the shocking weekend murder, of a young Hamilton teen.18-year old David Pereira was stabbed to death in front of dozens of witnesses early Sunday morning, as he and a group of friends joined the crowds pouring out of the bar scene in Hess Village.Scot Urquhart talked to a witness who was on the scene and who says things are getting worse in an area already known for drunken brawls, and serious violence.This is the only sign of what happened here, early Sunday morning. That’s when 18-year old David Pereira died here. Stabbed by a man that he didn’t even know.Rick Kellogg was standing right beside Pereira when the fatal blow was struck: “I didn’t hear anything that was out of the ordinary.”Police arrested a man at the scene. Later, they charged 49-year old Raleigh Stubbs, with murder. That was a shock to Bruce Clinton, the superintendent in the building where Stubbs lives: “Just kept to himself. Like whenever he went by the office it was; ‘Hi Bruce, Hi Linda. Nice guy. Can’t believe it.”Bruce, and assistant Superintendent Giles Fitzgerald say that Stubbs had been living with his father: His dad died. That affected him I guess.”But just a few days ago, Stubbs attended a gathering for residents at the building: “He seemed normal then.”But there was nothing normal about Sunday night.Rick says he and a group of friends have been gathering here late on Saturday nights for about a decade – to share a coffee, and watch the entertainment. But in the last few years he says, things have been getting far less entertaining, and far more frightening.Rick Kellogg was an eyewitness to the event: Over the years, it’s getting worse and worse. Fights are a weekly occurrence now, and it’s not just a one-on-one.”Rick saw a gang attack about a month ago just down the street — Half a dozen assailants beat a young man to unconsciousness … Sending him to hospital.And while there’s been plenty of talk about the number of half-way house residents, and street people in the area — Rick says it’s another demographic that’s driving the violence:Kellogg: They’re not derelicts or homeless people that are causing all the problems. It’s the kids fighting as they’re coming out of there.”Kellogg says he sees a heavy police presence in the area around 11pm as patrons are going into the bar, but almost no police in the area. As the crowds are coming out, around 2:30 am.But in his view, attitude plays a large part in the violence.He says many of those in the young crowd leaving hess village, seem to be spoiling for a fight, and aren’t content to merely throw a punch or two.It’s become so noticeable in fact that he, and his group of motorcycle riding friends are considering looking for a new place to hang out on Saturday nights.

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