Optimization of A5 group the festival is approaching whether the site had Spring Festival

second: the chain increase audit

is perhaps the same year because new, recently did a lot of search engines seem to move on the web site of the chain. An example of binary observation yesterday, I do not know whether it is accidental, the previous A5 forum released the chain included is very fast, all the points are recognized as the webmaster. After yesterday released the two links, about half an hour has not been included. Is the beginning of the spider walk not to open it, or the chain rules have changed? Link although the final was included, but compared to the past, slow down a lot, this is also a point of observation. In addition, the recent search engine has obvious "eat" the phenomenon of chain, the chain has been, always cannot see the phenomenon of the increase too much, the website ranking fell or related. Finally, the binary in Shanghai love to know to do a test, found that "could not add links related information", if added directly by the audit. I do not know is not individual? Webmaster friends also can do a test, control and adjust the search engine of the foreign chain increased up.

The above two

third: cheating detection to deepen

site ill? The Spring Festival approaching, according to the optimization of A5 (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon) investigation: recently many sites in Shanghai ranked in love there is a serious decline in key phenomenon, these sites in the past most still have a relatively good ranking. Webmaster, do you find this point? In this way, the author thinks: the Spring Festival approaching, search engines or web site rules or change, today it summarizes some binary case website brief analysis of your point of view:

2012 of your

respectively from the website content, the chain do some analysis, in addition to the binary network also found that search engine rules also had a lot of changes, such as:

binary site and not to cheat, but recently several parallel site is down right, but the binary got a conclusion: the website search engine that cheat. Why do you say so? There are five or six sites of binary mutual Links series. In this.

: the first update frequency disturbance

Spring Festival is approaching, many websites have begun the final finishing works, so the "update disorder" phenomenon. But every month the first 2012 months of the year at the beginning of the month, the author thinks that the search engine may happen a little change in the rules, so there is a part of the site right down the search engine. With a talent network writer for example, usually updated in about 20 pages or so, ranking is always stable, because in recent years, a few days to return home, so to speed up the update frequency, so now every update is about 40 pages, the search engine is always in the last seconds of the station. Included 3 days is down right. Of course, this is just a short right down, and will not affect the long-term. In the past, or this rule also exists, but it is understood that in the near future was obvious.

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