said the chain or the Emperor

      in some time ago, the chain of LEE standard for the quality of the chain is only one explanation, the chain must be user really recommended. What is the meaning of it is really recommend, non-human natural chain. Did Shanghai dragon knows, the chain construction difficulty of non-human is high, a new station on the 00 day, the flow of several pieces, then to obtain the chain of non-human, is undoubtedly the Arabian adventures.

  remember early last year, in order to impact a keyword ranking for the Guangzhou website construction company website, then collected can send the link to the website, regardless of never, it will fall into the construction of the chain, as long as the attention to increase speed, ranking it up. But now, I believe if I say useful, very few people dare to do so.

two, Shanghai love sharing tools


      since Shanghai dragon gradually mature, our construction of the chain of natural methods can not rest on its laurels, to follow the trend of progress. If you go to the chain or by means of 2 years ago, believe that the site is sure to fail. Shanghai Longfeng environment gradually mature, the chain should be how to do?

      last year to now, Scindapsus, chain criteria have been introduced, all is for the chain expansion. So many webmaster Tucao, outside the chain to the end. Really is the end of it, I see the bud, but feel that this is a change, the Shanghai dragon standardization, no exaggeration to say that in Shanghai before the dragon is just send the chain, do false original, and after Shanghai Longfeng standardization, Shanghai dragon is the website optimization. This is a process of Shanghai dragon mature, is inevitable.

      therefore, we should change the angle of thinking. Non chain do not, then we can be a natural chain, also is to let the chain construction look natural, a little trace of optimization. Such as through the chain placement, such as the site of 贵族宝贝, through which we can see the site of the chain, the chain site is in the article, for the search engines, so the chain is not supposed to have more real than recommended in the article chapter in the bottom? In addition to the chain in the near and recommended language is also a good way.

      this tool has been a large number of Shanghai dragon ER sought when just come out, then brush share will become the author do once every day. But as time passes, then.

, the authenticity of the recommended

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