Html and XML format and content navigation site map

Xenu Link Sleuth is a link to check the site in the tool can check the results stored in Web documents. Most of the webmaster is making use of the software of the site map.

software is very simple to use, first open the Xenu program, and then click the menu bar of the "File Check URL" option, enter the address URL production site map, and then click "OK" button, the software will automatically start to detect the website links.

site map is an important part of a web site map, we usually see, just to play the role of navigation for visitors, this is the site map Html format. We will also introduce the site map to another format many webmaster will be ignored, that is the sitemap XML format. Here are two specific methods of website map generation.

XML format

No matter what kind of

Html site map




is the use of XML map generation software, the final result is the.Xml file suffix for the file, which contains the contents of the page address, "" priority "" /priority "" 1 "indicates that the importance of this.

site mapIn addition to the

if the site many documents, detection software requires a longer period of time, waiting for the test all the links after the report file can use the "File to Report" generating the site map. Then use the web editing software will generate the report of "edit, delete unwanted parts, only with the page title list of words, so the site map file is completed.

we can use the "noble baby SiteMap file generation tool" to create a web site map XML (love Shanghai crawl). The software is very simple to use, only need to first set the file directory, and web site address, and then click the scan button to start collecting station file, file after the export is the standard XML map file (Figure).


site map refers to the structure of the site, lists the columns and content information ", which in addition to play a guiding role of the content of the website, to help users to quickly find the corresponding column and can facilitate the search engine spiders to crawl the web page, it is very important for search engine optimization.

what is the site map

site map we usually see in Html format, and XML format map, the site map can let search engine to index web content, so as to effectively increase the site included, but also can set the weights to the importance of the statement ".

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