How long can the movie network last recently did the movie station to his deep feeling, if such a site does not search engine included, not to profit, for many webmaster may be ridiculous, so I’ll try a movie website virgin period how long can persist.

due to "Marx" free program, more and more rampant movie website on the Internet, most webmasters are very clear: the purpose of the search engines – Advertising – – profit – connected sale / vanish / garbage station. Almost no station will escape this cycle, this is also a lot of webmaster began to blind pursuit of Baidu included reasons.

but before Baidu not included? Every webmaster is how to do? Before the search engine included movie website links and ads are relatively small, most people love to watch movies online love the station, will often visit. Slowly, the station began to pick up a bit, advertising too much, slow, the small station also bid farewell to his maiden period. A mature film station (profit has become a webmaster tools) is a climacteric woman let users uncertain "speed is slow, the mouse gently move the omnipresent advertising, so as the station is mature, there will be fewer users.

movie network virgin period how long can persist? This is a difficult question to answer, have a profound internal force of the stationmaster weeks may complete all of the optimization, the longest time is not more than a month, if longer, then this small station user is already very lucky. For most of the webmaster (including me), the main purpose of doing such a small station, of course, is for profit, after all, we have to live. In the virgin period of our own website, in the past, it was not simply a movie station, but a means of profit.

for webmasters, the site of the virgin period is the most important, this time will continue to have users to join, search engines will slowly included. When the site after the maturity of the search engines don’t yo may change too much, some will even increase, but the user? Perhaps because the search engine’s sake, the people will be more and more, but the real use of how many people? A movie station virgin period in the past, it marks the extent of questioning the user will be more and more deep.

but the loss of the virgin period is not a bad thing for the stationmaster, but it is proof of his own profit after all. And every day the IP will continue to increase with its own promotion, which does not mean that the user is increasing, it may be new users are increasing, and those old users are day by day to go their own way. But the small station gradually began to saturation, there is nothing to attract the public eye, and its fate will begin to change. Some will be sold, some will change, and others may change to another template. The small station gradually moved toward his sunset.

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