People protest the Andouble act in front of the Capitol building activities

We all know that

is now the Andouble government, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo during the ruling, the ruling has a lot of bills and Japanese who will say are be quite different, there is a big discrepancy, Andouble’s policy of isolation also caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the Japanese people.

12 million Japanese people held a protest against the security act in front of the Japanese parliament building in Tokyo, Japan, 30, Andouble stepped down, abandoned Security Act and other slogans resounded through the Capitol building.

this is recently held in Japan the largest and the largest number of an anti Security Act of protest. An hour before the start of the rally, the Capitol was a sea of people. Protesters from around the world have been pouring in from all over the country, and the sidewalks, lanes and nearby parks in front of Parliament are packed with protesters. According to the organizers statistics, a total of 120 thousand people attended the protest rally.

the protesters holding banners, shouting in the rain again and again "fascist" intolerable "withdraw Security Act" and other slogans.

by Japanese mothers consisting of "mother" Ikeda Ryoko spoke at the rally, she combined with nearly twenty thousand letter submissions to the Andouble government to submit their mothers when zaodaolengyu has pointed out, "the Andouble regime does not have the window to listen to public opinion". She said, "the child is not born to kill", "mothers will not continue to silence".

the Japanese House of representatives in July this year to vote by the security bill Andouble submitted by the government. Bill is the core of expansion of the Japanese Self Defense Forces in overseas military activities after the ban collective self-defense, this is the most significant turning point in Japan’s security policy since the end of World War II, means that Japan’s pacifist constitution and completely abandon the special defense policy.


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