Behind the good Lord those things and those ups and downs

good now, it’s not good at the beginning.

at the beginning, it was born in a small residential building, the room is very small, but the founder of the heart is great; now, good living in the bright senior office, very expensive, but in the capital will lose freedom.

good start from the beginning of the capital favored by the owner, from then on its fate is closely linked with the capital. Once upon a time, it is China’s largest professional online advertising company, is the industry’s well deserved Whampoa  military academy. But in the capital under the pushing, the star was shining pearl has changed hands several times, not only the founder who each home, and missed several times with IPO. read more

From the essential factor to promote the experience of network promotion

based website promotion has been for some time, I also from the rookie level glorious promotion to rare hand. Just began to promote can not clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and the website promotion way, every way to get the flow size also did not carry out the general statistics. And when it is not necessarily proportional to the amount of money, a large number of basic promotion for the relative proportion of the flow is not able to sum up the experience from the way, which led to a lot of useless. The enemy will be victorious, can only understand each method may bring the effect size efficiently to implement the basic promotion only in the clear, and in exchange for high flow and high popularity. read more

Promotion analysis and experience sharing

do stand has been 3 years, portal station, industry station, entertainment stations, forums have done, but has not been more intimate contact with the enterprise station. Recently to help a friend to promote a business station, I have to share with you what I know. Only suitable for novice. First, I analyzed the other sites in their industry, query the top of the few stations, do not feel how, from the chain, update the content, Baidu snapshot, PR, are very general, basically made a mistake, is not to update the content and increase the chain Baidu, Google ranked, but by the time the old site. read more

Lei Jun millet sold as selling health care products to participate Rice noodles

what is the most lacking in enterprise in twenty-first Century, most of which is to meet the needs of users. So it may be arbitrary, but just want to explain how important the user needs, let us look at an example.

health products useless? The old man is willing!

TV recently repeated exposure of some old man to sell high priced health care products marketing groups, their first general assembly of the organization, with a small gift to the elderly, then Aunt Uncle being, then lecturer began to introduce the outlook on life, view of health, and then sell the product, then the old people excitedly buy a home. Of course, these health products no effect, when similar things only in malted milk. But it must be said that the elderly spend money wronged it?. Old people get a lot, in fact: read more

Entrepreneurs have failed to crack the root cause of your gun

Abstract: the entrepreneur must bear the ordinary people can not withstand the pressure, if not a positive attitude, it is easy to fall into a long-term fear, my broken capital chain how to do? This decision is wrong or not? If things go on like this fear will certainly affect your judgement and choice, is not conducive to the development of the company.

business sounds good, really hard to do. An entrepreneurial failure in where? Read the following nine source, you will instantly.


always make excuses read more

Jingdong electricity supplier cloud has been formally expected to become an important business suppo

[TechWeb] June 6th news, Jingdong formally launched yesterday, Jingdong electricity supplier cloud platform (, the cloud platform is expected to eventually become an important support for the development of Jingdong.

Jingdong has officially launched

cloud electricity supplier expects to business support (TechWeb above)

According to

reports, the Jingdong electricity supplier cloud is an open cloud information platform, has launched the Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong Zeus Yun Ding Qing, Jingdong cloud cloud sinks four solutions. read more

Website promotion to learn to close to their target users

on Saturday, inadvertently experienced a marketing behavior, as the marketing object thought is whether the marketing behavior can be website marketing model, whether the truth on the web marketing. In fact, eventually, any industry can learn from each other and learn from each other, can be said to exist everywhere around you a lot of marketing, business or non business activities are likely to be a promotion. Therefore, the webmaster should pay more attention to the other side of the industry and the life of the marketing principles contained in the continuous learning to promote the application of the site. read more

rural electricity providers to help farmers enjoy high quality life

in this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Alipay red has become a new bright spot, it also marks the electricity supplier to become Internet era of the strong and important part of. In the current situation, the electricity supplier to rural areas has become the inevitable trend of development, many have developed a forward-looking vision of business and actively layout of rural electricity supplier market, a person with breadth of vision and expand to seize the initiative.

with the popularity of the network, the electricity supplier in the construction and development of all walks of life have been branded a deep imprint. Have not seen for a long time before the high school students, doing business in Shenzhen, currently in the village opened a small supermarket, the new home to see him, already is the famous even woman and children all know. Interestingly, the impression of the deserted countryside actually became a bustling. Familiar with the strange uncle aunt around a strange machine Poxian laughing, the small supermarket in a hot scene. read more

Today’s headlines with false propaganda by Sohu sued claims 100 thousand


Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) with Sohu claiming to be "China first" and "customer first", today’s headlines with false propaganda by Sohu sued, and claims 100 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court has accepted the case.

"today’s headlines," said the Sohu for a long time, "China’s first news client", "the amount of the user’s first news client" claiming to promote their products. This is not only misleading consumers of products and services Sohu is the first, it is not appropriate to raise their own at the same time, the objective is also to belittle other products and services in the same industry operators. read more

t’s so messy Under the negative news of the real estate agency

a few days ago, by the Shanghai authorities confirmed, the chain of home, Pacific, Ren Feng, Han Yu, I love my family, Jia Xin 6 brokerage enterprises through the relevant website released second-hand housing information, with fictitious housing, housing prices are way of false propaganda to mislead others vacuity. According to relevant regulations, the Shanghai Municipal Industrial and commercial departments of the above 6 brokerage firms were fined $130 thousand to $200 thousand.

it is worth noting that, after the chain of home valuation was as high as 40 billion. In twenty-first Century, the economic report wrote a report, citing a interested in the chain of a large home PE agency who said: after the valuation of 40 billion, too high, now cut to $33 billion." Negative news so that the chain of home lost 7 billion of the valuation of the whole, even if the valuation of $33 billion, has been very high, but the negative news of the real estate agents who really can make people feel at ease? read more