The president of the rich for money

He agrees with the idea that "rich is not the three generation". He said he did not consider the money left to his children, but to provide generous benefits for each employee. The first is to let the staff, sales staff to get rich, so he advocated the "river water river with" rather than "river water river". He believes that employees rich, rich will be rich. As a boss, he has always been in the enterprise to implement the policy of "possession of wealth".

There is no luxury decoration

with the shareholding system reform of Shanghai tape factory, along the way from the state-owned enterprises in Yuan Li, the establishment of modern enterprise system in the germination of the realization of self value idea. However, the reason he decided to quit to talk, so far, still make him angrily. That year, 43 year old Yuan Li decided to quit the job will be listed in Shanghai tape Limited by Share Ltd, began to build a large company. During this period, he found the house, recruit employees, cover 14 stamp, riding a motorcycle tire broken, finally successful establishment of Shanghai and Hong Kong joint venture Fuda tape products Co., as chairman and general.

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The great leap forward Entrepreneurial University Entrepreneurship became a feather

wrote a "face the entrepreneurial bubble: a continuous wave yesterday after 90 business failure three reflections", It is as expected today there are a lot of entrepreneurs, and the exchange, hoping to get the so-called "entrepreneurial guidance". Some readers even said that some entrepreneurs can recommend WeChat to me, I would like to pay attention to them, to learn from them.

at that time I reply to such a sentence – the real entrepreneurs who have the time every day to send a circle of friends. This sentence is the original author of one of my friends, he often told me about student entrepreneurs exaggerated story, finally will often use this sentence. read more

Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou attached to 15 companies with a material

[lead]2015, China venture capital industry has changed from summer through winter suddenly. The hustle and bustle of Zhongguancun venture street from the vote, vote, vote to winter driving carefully". O2O P2P fried rotten, no sound, VC are cautious, rub heat entrepreneurs puzzled. However, as long as the quality of the seeds, will eventually germinate, flowering, results. The cold of winter, the superiority of the start-up companies, still holding huge financing, playfully forward.

venture capital Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu hardware of the land of abundance of Shanghai, a city of Hangzhou, the Internet third…… "New NewSeed" thematic planning city unicorn "series", take you over the unicorns or walk on the road of the unicorn who seek China best entrepreneurial city. Look at the winter, those who still live like a model of start-up companies rely on what. read more

nvestment in the financial sector in the interview Jiechun about order and entrepreneurial dream a

investment and financing sector with the popularity of mobile Internet and speed, the formation of the online shopping environment, the user’s mobile consumption habits, China has entered a new era of mobile Internet consumption. Carry out the "Internet plus" products and services more and more enterprises, but because of the lack of suitable business model and profit mechanism, can not effectively integrate online and offline resources, can not accurately grasp and solve the user pain points, mostly in a large number of non profitable burn. read more

There are only two kinds of entrepreneurial failure misjudge the situation overestimate their abili

Abstract: the first, the nature of the situation misjudgment, see the air inlet on the second kinds of resources and their own ability to overestimate.

had read an article about how beautiful that started, which talked about beauty in the promotion of sina micro-blog application platform and application platform of QQ space, was the first reaction is, it is not that I was also doing? 2012 when I just graduated, also do the shopping site, also in QQ space a test, then a variety of small test as long as the QQ space once approved Tencent will immediately release new products, then a small application can easily receive tens of thousands of IP traffic. read more