How to make money website development path

              I am also a novice webmaster and a lot of friends, they China grassroots webmaster, believe the number is certainly more scary, it also makes the webmaster on the not very popular, it is difficult to do, do website is more difficult to do it is difficult to make money.

on how to make money on the individual station, how to develop a few points of my view.

personal station how to make money

1, if your site is just on the line, do not want to make money, to make up (how to do web site traffic flow is beyond the scope of this article, but I want to say is do garbage flows do not do, unless you think you stand for garbage flow. read more

With the worship of musk personal success as learning behind the entire social system innovation

recently visited China Tesla CEO Elon Musk, · set off a small electric car boom. But as a successful entrepreneur, it is far more important to study the environment that supports his success than to analyze the individual and the product.

is the most typical example is to enter the field of Aerospace Launch musk high threshold. June 2002, musk invested $100 million to create SpaceX. On the one hand out of his love for space, on the other hand, Mask also believes that a large part of the cost of space launch is swallowed by a huge administrative agency. read more

2005 of eight sites on the die

  behind the beautiful always seem to have a calm sea deep regret, perhaps simmering. The Internet is in rapid development speed of geometric level, Chinese network 2005 would be a leap year, is also the rapid growth of the number of sites of the year, when everything is beautiful and comfortable, countless young Jiyang indulge in network bubble like beautiful dream, I was from the south, and scholar hear extremely harsh discordant voices, so today I will tear these bleeding wounds, let everyone to learn a lesson. read more

Lu Songsong Wangzhuan can copy flourishes mentality is not desirable

suggests that the use of the Internet to make money online. When I see the XXX, XXX was acquired by monthly income of tens of thousands of webmaster excited, how we hope it happen to us. Some people say that the Internet is a copy of the industry, what other people do, I follow a copy of it, the same can be successful, in fact, too, Taobao, Tencent is not it?

night or day and night to do the mentality is not desirable

The current

owners used the Wangzhuan way: website construction, website advertising, selling the domain name, SEO optimization services, PPC and so on, which can be subdivided, such as advertising, advertising alliance can be divided into direct advertising, subdivided in many areas, but most of the webmaster is confined to "free Wangzhuan" – the read more

Tai Chi eBay CPC product line

respected Webmaster:

should be the main requirements of the ad, eBay CPC products to stop the launch, we will temporarily switch to eBay CPC advertising word-of-mouth advertising CPC.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

The highest level of network marketing to explore the project unlimited money

Remember before

or six months, just started to contact the network to make money, at that time in the school, for campus network construction of national competitions, and later because the project was canceled to change to set up CAD, so I have to learn CAD, went on to find social work or study continue reading learning, but at that time is not the time for reading, and I also did not graduate, so it is faced with the money.

brief introduction, technical preparation has not yet graduated from college next year (self-taught undergraduate), the eighteen year old is not full, some people may feel eighteen years under what qualifications do you have to say the network marketing, what qualifications say making money online website production, how to share our experience so I can be very clear? I tell you, in the web may technology is not better than a lot of people, the design is also not a lot of people, but I’m good at learning to learn, can quickly contact the new knowledge. In the technical school for a year and a half of the production site, the teacher is just a simple procedure of enlightenment and CSS+DIV, then the rest of the self-study. read more

Xue Manzi investment philosophy people reliable reliable the price is not expensive

text / Yi Wen

: This is not a social problem, is money and thinking "grievances", this article regardless of hero, only on vision and vision.

capital circles have such a river, talking about their own special story. There are so many people in the arena, to a certain extent, determine the fate of the start-up company’s image. Looks like a game.

who enters the world?

Internet Co’s creation, survival, and then to glory, in addition to the founder and the whole operation of the thinking behind the credit, as well as capital manipulation. Who enters the world, not only the conversion of thinking, but also the replacement of the new lifestyle. Although we prefer to simply focus on a few rounds of financing. read more

Cai Cong two basic questions can determine whether the O2O business model is reliable

drops first and quickly merge, then merged with Uber, a lot of people think this is helpless O2O burn subsidies and malicious competition to grab traffic business model is not sustainable, the results. When the end of subsidies, capital exit, and then usher in a commercial return and return to common sense.

Why is

more money more and more financing, financing higher valuation story not sustainable? How to determine the specific project O2O business model is reliable? O2O project is a business and investment value of read more